Testing the original model of damage on the server

  • Introduce the original damage model to the server (as on the game consoles)? 9

    1. Yes, it will be cool (5) 56%
    2. No, I like it when opponents die slowly (4) 44%

    Hello! I played around 800 hours in this game and most of the time was spent on the PB servers. The game is very good, but it is not as beautiful as it was before, or what it is now on the game consoles. All the fault is the new wrong model of damage in the game. It was introduced in March 2016. Here's the whole patchout: http://forum.symthic.com/battl…atch-notes-symthic-style/?. The result of this patch: the arms balance is broken, the strategy of the aggressive sniper no longer works, 80% of the weapon is useless (for example, acm, pc, and so on). There was an imbalanced weapon m110k5. To take something other than him does not make sense anymore. Because of this patch, a huge part of her audi has left the game. However, on game consoles, the damage model has not changed and it remained original. The game was developed Visceral Games, but this is incorrect the new damage model introduced Dice. Dice ruined someone else's game and it's wrong. The bullets are so weak, the gun shoots like peas. It should not be. What we can do?

    1) Increase the damage from bullets to 130% instead of 100%

    2) Lower the player's health to 80% (but the first option is better)

    Thus, we get the TTK as close as possible to the original. The game will be much better, having received the original model of damage. When a game or DLC will be distributed to it for free (and this will sometime happen), more people will stay in it. On the server of the Celts people played precisely because of a similar model of damage. I propose to test the original model of damage, its add on the CQL server or TDM. I'm sure all players will appreciate this innovation. In principle, you can also vote on this forum:):thumbup:

  • 1) isn't really feasible since it'd be a major hassle (having to modify every single weapons statistics), given that that's possible in the first place.

    As for 2), LF is already offering a 60% health server right here. Plus there's plenty of (empty) hardcore servers around should people feel like their enemies aren't dieng fast enough.

    I personally don't think there's a problem with people "dieng slowly" in the first place.

    The changes in that patch were probably made to adopt BFH to the rest of the BF franchise where 5-6 shot kills with ARs and SMGs (close range) are the norm. Check BF4 weapon stats and you will see the similarities.

    Battle Rifles are a unique introduction to BFH but even they are balanced pretty well with their 4 shot kill model.

    Those 1-2 extra bullets, which most weapons need in order to kill someone after that patch, take less than a second to fire with even the slowest of guns
    (600 RPM = 1 bullet per 0,1 seconds) so unless you take all of your engagements from a mile away it shouldn't really be noticable.


    There was an imbalanced weapon m110k5. To take something other than him does not make sense anymore.

    The m110k5 has its situational upsides but plenty of downsides when compared to other BRs.


    -3 shot kill potential (which it btw loses if the opponent is further than 16 meters away)

    -Available to all classes


    -Slow muzzle velocity of 330 m/s (compared to scar-h / sg510 / m39 700 m/s, SA-58 OSW even has 840 m/s)

    -Low max distance of 500 meters (every other BR has 1000-1200 meters)

    -Long reload

    -Low min. damage (18!)

    -Mandatory suppressor, no heavy barrel

    -Borderline arbitrary recoil plus a high first shot multiplier

    I don't understand why people complain about this gun. It's half decent but by no means overpowered.

  • The game is fine where it's at. It's because you always use the m110k5 then when you use a different gun, it feels weaker then you are forced to go back to m110k5. As soon as you lower HP to 80 or increase server bullet damage, people will start spamming M79/M320 to get kills. The Celts server is usually has less people because of this. You can get sniped out of the helicopter too quick. People will camp with the SUV and CAT to gets kills rather than use it to capture flags.

  • I have to confirm the prior speakers.

    With your weapon model the snipers are way too OP and M320 is a weapon of mass destruction. If you want to play offensive sniper - go for the head

    If you want to snipe agressively without being able to aim for the head, come to our LF-Server with 60% Life, here you got your instant-kill with sniper, but with M320 forbidden to prevent that spamming CampToKill stated.

    Imho the game is pretty good balanced between classes and weapons.

  • I recommend stop play with bs guns .

    I try the mk110 full of shit same as FAL and few others I dont read all the small things and tweaks of the game I dont care.

    This is why I mostly using M16A3 or M416 I think the give you the best feeling of real assault rifle .

    I think mk110 is joke ppl use it only cuz it kill with 0 aim skill spry around the player he will die

  • FAL, HCAR, HK51, OSW and SCAR are not assault rifles but battle rifles. IRL such weapons are opposite of assault rifles, take'em as "defense rifles". Repeating rifles using full rifle rounds (assault rifles use intermediate rounds) best for mostly defending positions without shooter having to lug around hundreds of rounds of much heavier rifle ammo. HK G3 for example has IRL 100 round drum magazines available to it (standard is a 20 round box mags).

    HK51 ingame is G3's custom "cut-down" version.

    Same logic applies to all Enforcer weapons. Heavier damage per shot but reduced firing rate and lower mag capacity. These are ambush weapons. Or "hunter-killer" weapons, provided you are accurate enough and are not trying to attack more than 1-2 enemies at a time.

    Facing off equally-skilled Operator with an Enforcer - when you failed to kill him instantly and have to reload, you are likely fucked. No med pack, against faster weapon.

  • As I said the mk110 dont feel real gun :) just way over power gun with spry and no need to pray enemy will die lol

  • As I said the mk110 dont feel real gun :) just way over power gun with spry and no need to pray enemy will die lol

    M16A3 and M416 was good on the Celts server when he was still working, because the player's health was 85%, not 100%. With 100% health, M16A3 and M416 are killed very slowly, the weapons seem to shoot with peas. I propose to reduce health to 91-94%. I believe that this is the most compromise option. And M110K5 will no longer seem unbalanced. Snipers at this percentage of health can not surprise with a single shot. The M320 will not be a weapon of mass destruction either. I would suggest to test such a model on # PB1 or # PB2 (or on both simultaneously / in turn). This is just my advice, you can try this model of damage, and you can leave everything in its place, if the majority does not agree. In the black all will remain: there will not be people who complain about m110k5, and this decision also does not hurt the basic mechanics of the game

  • If you want to reduce the effect of "spray and pray" you would have to actually raise the player's health. Raise it twice as high and only people with good aim are able to get kills. Tested ages a go in another shooter.

    It's very reason poorer players tend to prefer hardcore modes in BF3/BF4. They find it much easier to get kills even when their concept of aim equals only spraying towards general direction of enemy.

  • I honestly do not know why you reactivated the topic.

    If you simply wanna discuss - fine, but we will not switch any server settings. Just in case anybody was hoping for it :-)

    :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I guess everyone dont understand its not Democracy ....servers going down on the 16 or we have some good news I didnt read?