Hackerlol123 hacking on PB5

  • I was checking the server to see who is playing on PB5. I saw a guy with rank 2 and a good score for being in a losing/almost raped team. His name triggered me somehow, so I decided to join the spectator mode and I got 2 snaps and a short but really weird sniper action. Though, I am a bit confused because his profile doesn't even remotely look like he is hacking but the video is telling otherwise.

    Here is the video

    You can find important points at:

    00:48 - Sudden aim and hit

    00:51 - Suspicious target change (maybe aimsnap)

    01:02 - 01:10 - Two obvious aimsnaps

    02:34 - I can barely see where he is looking at but that guy doesn't only see his target through the leaves, he also hits.. skill level over 9000

    Since I wasn't in the match I have no battlereport ?(

    Redskins This guy is from Germany too... hmmmm :D