Tired of this player!!

  • Hi Guys,

    I need help to tell me and almost any players play against CampToKill if he cheat

    There is limit for the things he do .

    I attach image of the map Everglades I mark where I was and where he was I using 388Recon sniper he use A85 the one shot in the head you dead no problem with it.

    The problem start with gun that is range lower then pistol but he manage to hit one shot in the head with red dot now if I was close to him

    I can accept it but he manage to take is time to see my head with red dot from window when I look for him and kill me

    Now first time maybe luck but twice and few days ago he did it again.

    I dont know what about you but player with 160 ping dont get easy life when he play on server and he never have any problem.

    I dont know how to look if he cheat or not but enough this guy cheat I dont know how I just know he do .

    You all welcome to fight against him and see for your self I dont need spectate or EA support that dont do shit to say this guy using cheat

    We need the expert players here to check him I dont know how and not sure if normal what I see or not.

    Sorry that English is not perfect I am sure you got the idea.

  • http://symthic.com/bf-hardline-weapon-info?w=A_8S

    10 Meters or less = 1 hit kill

    11 Meters or higher = 2 hits for a kill if hit anywhere except the head. Sometimes you could be shot at by other players then it become a one hit kill. The harpoon does 90 to 80 damage at targets who are 11 meters or higher away from me.

    In order to get a headshot, I aim the A8S above their head so the harpoon arches down (bullet drop) into the target's head. It is a trial and error at different ranges; it does not always kills them. The gun takes a long time to reload, so after my first shot and it hits the target, anyone can easily kill the target giving me a 80-90 kill assist or the target runs to somewhere for cover to heal.

    If I did not aim above your head while you were on the oil rig tower, the harpoon would hit the ladder or the edge of the platform because of bullet drop. It is because you do not know how to use the A8S. You think by aiming at their head, the harpoon will travel in a straight line and instantly kill them at any range. If I aim at a target's head on the ground at 50 meters, the harpoon would probably hit them in the chest area even though I aim it at the head.

  • I cant hear your bs any more you keep saying in nice words you all crap players and I am god well god dont play games

    I dont trust word you say I will find the time to record you .

    btw the info you give is exactly the info some hack give what we saw in some videos strange isnt


  • Let me first begin with you only have 1 kill with A8S , 1 kill with .300 Knockout , and 6 kills with your AWS.

    I have all gold skins for those guns 1,260 kills on A8S , 1,231 kills on .300 Knockout , and 1,148 kills with AWS.

    All three of these guns have high bullet drop at longer ranges.

    *My video is not a montage like cachopelo where he only picks the best footage of his kills.

    Here is a video I recorded yesterday on large conquest where the distance of players are around 30 meters to 100 meters away from me.

    2:20 - First guy at about 30 meters.

    3:05 - I hit the guy and it does 90 damage.

    3:20 - He gets killed by someone else, so I get the assisted count kill.

    By the way, I am peeking from the side of the air conditioner to see if anyone is on the top floor of the parking garage. Most of the time, they are in the armored CAT or SUV. I obviously do not want to expose myself to them.

    11.55 - 12.17 - I shoot the guy climbing up the grapple, but he falls down, and I get the kill.

    Between 12:30 to 16:00, I tried to kill a guy who is 180 meters away. It is possible to kill them but it takes a lot of shots. I always avoid people who I cannot see their body. Somewhere in here, I shot a guy at close range but missed, so I switch to my M1911 pistol to kill him before he kills me.

    16.27 - I aim above him to get the kill.

    17.32 - guy parachutes down

    18.20 - 18.50: I aimed too low but not high enough, someone else kills him so I get suppression assist (this means the harpoon hit close to his body but did not actually hit him)

    18.52 - 19.05: I have to adjust my aiming a little then he dies.

    19.20 - I hit 1st guy by the Truck, but he doesn't die. I shoot above the 2nd guy, and I get a headshot.

  • I know what is bullet drop its work same in real life I told you stop think we stupid ok

    I told you when I play games not sure you was born

    I do not think you are not stupid. I think you are still too new to understand bullet drop.

    If you understood how bullet drop works, you would have had more than with 1 kill with A8S and 1 kill with .300 Knockout.

    We would not be having this discussion.

    It is obvious you do not use these guns so when someone kills you with a gun you do not know how to use (or probably have not unlocked it yet), you call that person a cheater. Your weapon stats page shows it: http://battlelog.battlefield.c…t_v/weapons/241098082/pc/

    Mines: http://battlelog.battlefield.c…ill/weapons/261810297/pc/ Unlike you, I use a variety of different guns.

  • Why you guys bother posting extensive replies to someone who can't even provide the most basic form of proof for absolutely anything is beyond me.

    Especially if that someone is ignorant and can't be reasoned with, even in the face of concise evidence disproving their claims.

    Just take it as a compliment and leave that person to figure out by himself how the battlefield franchise works and what's possible given the right amount of practice and a certain level of acquired skill... the latter of which he won't be able to attain with this downright inept approach to videogame analysis, hindering self-improvement by continiuosly blaming others for ones own flaws and lack of sufficient abilities.

  • I will say it ones again I understand how the game work how the gun work everything is ok with my understanding I kill with it I dont need to like it

    I dont think your kills connect to any skill simple as that all the bs you can sell wont change my mind

    I wish you was good player but your are not I know what I worth there is always better player then me I dont think you that better

    I prove myself long before, I just think your kills are not clean.

    I am not owner of server or the clan just member that dont like bs

    hope its good answer for you as you will find new things to prove you god with some of players in this community .

    enjoy your game and have nice day . just stay away from me


  • NightBeast....its is as simple as stealing candy from a baby...go to spectator mode, make a video, proof your right...

    unless u or someone else did this, the player is considered innocent.

    see....i can tell your cheating too...even if it isn't true...i can tell your cheating all the time...i have no proof but i know it...see it is as easy as this to

    accuse someone of cheating...but be willing enough to proof your accusation...

    and as far as i know you....your allways complaining about players that are better than u...allways accusing them of cheating