bought VIP, issue.

  • Hello. Bought Basic VIP for 1 month, just to get over the insanely annoying autobalancer. When I have squad of 2-3 certain people (kwator mostly plus couple of others) I often got thrown to other side. Since the niche we like to play (transport helo) takes at minimum 2 and works better with 3 or more, it's a total game breaker. I started to leave as soon as autobalancer interfered.

    So, I bought basic VIP (Feb 3rd) but initially wrote only PB#1 in Paypal transaction Notes, then noticed I had forgotten that I could ask for VIP slots in 2 servers. Please add me into VIP slot for PB#3 (Battlefield Hardline) as well.

    I wrote PM to Antitoxis 3 days later asking the same, but so far PM has gone unread and I've had to simply leave the server as soon as autobalancer started fucking things up for me.

  • I do not think there is much point for making donations, unless you just want to give them money.

    No response, no acknowledgment, no in-game effect.

    Just fair warning for everyone.

    I sent him a Conversation Message and he said there is an issue with the admin software. You just have to wait for him to fix it.

  • I can understand you, of course, if you want something you paid for.

    First of all, I would like to refer to the following topic:

    Werde mich etwas zurückhalten

    Now that I've been on the troubleshooting for a long time and had to fix some other things, I've got everything I needed to make it work again.

    There'll only be a few changes. As compensation you will of course get double the duration.

    As a pre-announcement. The servers are paid until April 10th. After that there will be a change, because I can't manage the whole time as well as financially. This does not affect the PB1 server, as R4YL was kind enough to pay for it.

  • Understood. I was not aware of it. I'd put my PC back together in the beginning of this month and hadn't had chance to play over a year nor had read the forums meanwhile. And while doing some back-reading I skipped checking lots of thread titles originally in German, auto-translating browsers fail often in such mixed environment.

    If you downsized Noshahr-only BF3 server to 16-24 slots, I'd be willing to cover it. At the moment I can really play there only when it's half empty, too much randomness (death becomes too random, mixed spawns with enemies etc) when it's full or near full. There are again people who like bigger server and more action, dunno how it would affect the server's popularity though.

  • yes, but the problem is, that to much people will left the server. In the beginning i use 24 Slots. But Server is only running with 32 Slot :(

    Here is a new features for the VIP's:

    You can check it ingame. I will add this in the next 3 days on all servers. I have to test some features.

    I was afraid that would be case. Plenty of empty 16p BF3 TDM servers, compared to bigger ones.

    Ok, seems neat. ty.