DarkWoox98 Aimbot

  • http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bfh/user/DarkWoox98/

    ^no denying the snap too at 26-29secs

    I have 12min of recording if more is needed.

    He went 22-2 then i made it clear in game i was gonna spec.. i did and he instantly died 4 times and suddenly didn't know how recoil worked, after the shock of turning his hacks off knowing he was being spec'd his k/d leveled out alot but he still aimboting 50% of the time.

    I only really can 100% prove Aimbot to which he only used occasional... never the less this vid 100% proves snap to with aimbot and if more evidence is required i shall post it.

    ty good PB people!!

  • I will upload more, i didnt mean to make it seem fishy me and a mate play on pb 1 and 2 a lot and was just sick of this guy at the time n had been talking about it with others in chat when i stupidly said i was gonna spec him in gen chat as mate was on his team at the time i genuinely just wanted to see if he was then i realized i can vid cap it with gforce so i did n thought i was being all smart uploading here lol. im just some 29yo averagely shit gamer doing his first attempt at getting someone banned for being a dick and cheating. i will upload more i wasnt expecting it to be fishy its clear in multiple occasions on that vid and craaazy clear at 27sec i thought but i'll sort out more n upload n post.

    but that is what im looking for right its pretty damn definitive.. just get alot more of the same?

  • Im not going to upload more footage because the 12mins i have none is more obviously clear than what i uploaded and am not gonna follow it with abiguity, i really didnt think this would not be enough its so clear. anyway i'll just upload more if i play with him again.. its pretty damn clear from all his stats and the vid though but oh well i'll have to wait for next time