HDakotaFanning DDOS

  • I dont know if all admins speak german... so in english:



    TIME: round about 0:00 AM 23.3.2018

    Server: BF3 noshar TDM

    He threatened to ddos the server. 5 minutes later some lags... (At 00:27 server crash?)

    a lot of trashtalking like:

    6223:50 Mar 22, 2018HDakotaFanningyes i turn on a lag switch

    6123:51 Mar 22, 2018HDakotaFanningand i addossing the server

    4600:10 Mar 23, 2018HDakotaFanningi am gonna increse the UDP

    4300:11 Mar 23, 2018HDakotaFanningsure get ready to crash

    3200:18 Mar 23, 2018HDakotaFanningwhen hackers play, u wine but dont ban them

    3000:19 Mar 23, 2018HDakotaFanningwhy do u care about anyone ddossing a server

    2900:19 Mar 23, 2018HDakotaFanningwhen u don't even care about getting a hack out when there is one<,

    1800:23 Mar 23, 2018HDakotaFanningno, it's the difference between a liveral and a conservative

    1200:24 Mar 23, 2018HDakotaFanningnobody remove it because he is in YOUR TEAM

    1000:25 Mar 23, 2018HDakotaFanningso now i am spoiling ur game to make u understand and EVOLVE u EGOCENTRIC FUCK

    now i know what he means with that "hackers dont get banned"-bs because i read the chatlog on this website (didnt notice it while playing):

    60 23:57 Mar 22, 2018 HDakotaFanning arsyk is using a wallhack

    15623:59 Mar 22, 2018HDakotaFanningtwo bans on his account already

    15500:00 Mar 23, 2018HDakotaFanningincluding on COD

    I dont even play COD?

    This guy thinks "hackers" dont get banned... he cant even tell who is hacking and who is not... he will probably cause trouble in the future.

    Video footage makes no sense i guess...

    2 options:

    1. he is a troll and claims the lags as a result of ddos and is toxic for the whole community

    2. he really ddosed the server