vote for your server/s

  • I follow this discussion for a while now ...

    All in all it is not easy to simply forbid a weapon and all is good...

    The moment you minimize explosived, all choppers will be overpowered ... and there are more variables to consider ....

    On the other hand, these servers run successfully for more than 2 years. Every change is dangerous for the success ...

    I'm happy Antitoxis is the one to decide what to do and I bet he decides not to do anything ... Still interesting discussion :-)

  • There is only transport helicopter in Hotwire, there is no attack bird whatsoever.

    Having server empty most of the day and all night and only 1/3 to 1/2 full during evenings is the problem. It's no longer a definite success.

  • Lets put it this way: it was only a suggestion and of course its admin that has to decide . With so few BFH servers left I guess there will always be someone playing....What we have at the moment is that people playing on PB3 until they come across usual C4 camping and statpadding crew. After few rounds with deaths being double figures and no real possibility of earning points through driving vehicles they will never come back again. What has been happening recently really takes any joy of playing this mod.

  • Also, something is really wrong with autobalancer. Had brief game earlier today

    One round I played even at odds of 2v9 at one point. No kidding. Bit later autobalancer shuffled people around but weaker side never had anything close to numerical parity in active players, it had persistently 2-3 players less, and of them half or more AFK - while stronger team had all, except one original seeder active and playing.

    I know at least one player went to stronger team by manually switching sides and staying there. By his own words, he was in need ("I am need of hotwire coins").

    I had to quit few rounds later because I had to drive out of town, so I don't know did it improve or did the server die off.

    I have also had problem where I cannot manually switch to weaker side (numerically inferior) because autobalancer won't let me. I used to do it manually because !assist cannot be used during the first 5 minutes of the round. Autobalancer does allow me switch to a numerically superior sides without problems though. It should be vice versa.