Arma 3 free to play until Monday

  • I logged into Steam to play Squad for a change and discovered that Arma 3 is free to play until Monday morning. 66% off it's price over the weekend as well.

    It's not a traditional arcade shooter but closer to military combat simulator - which less action and more waiting around - many don't like that aspect. On the off-chance some may find it interesting I decided to post here :)

    EDIT: forgot to add. You can find the game from Steam.

  • Free weekend = aimbot wars. ARMA is a simulation game and nothing like Battlefield. It also has a high learning curve.

    Yeah, so is Squad. Difference is that Squad is specializing to teamwork and small unit actions. Squad also has "Conquest", AAS game mode, which means Assault And Secure. More or less super-hardcore BF with quirks like outpost building.

    With BFH dying (amount of players has fallen from 500+ to ~300 in just 2 months - with summer ahead it's bound to become much worse) many would be seeking for alternatives. There ain't anything quite like Battlefield-series.

  • Epic sim - actually tried to follow it right from 2002 (?) release of Operation Flashpoint, Really good co-op online games, no cheats no wallhacks mostly grown up players and proper team work. Did play both ARMA and ARMA2 but somehow still miss good old Operation Flashpoint. Will give it a go and many thanks Unit that you have brought it to our attention :)