• Ich möchte gerne wissen ob es technisch möglich ist, eine Votenuke Option auf den Servern zu implementieren. Wenn ja, könnte man das eventuell in Erwägung ziehen? Bzw. warum wurde es dann bisher nicht in Betracht gezogen? Manchmal sind die Teams so unausgeglichen, dass auch ein !assist nichts bringt. Und wenn dann 2 SUVs und 2 Helis beim Gegner sind, bringt es auch nichts mehr an deren Vernunft zu appellieren und ein Baserape ist somit unausweichlich.

  • Fix the autobalancer in this case. If it's not already fixed.

    Last time I played like 4-5 days a go, I could still not switch to a weaker side (that's not how it should work), without using! assist.

    Gameplay as it is these days, with the pretty much constant rape on one or other side in any of the servers, it takes away wish to play.

    I've tried to help the weaker side out often enough to get pissed over the problem, which is abused relentlessly for getting good stats http://stats.pb-clan.de/players/128262/Unit-RX400

  • !votenuke works by having 2-3 people saying !votenuke in chat then getting 20+ !yes votes (difficult part) to get the nuke to happen. The nuke auto-kills everyone on the winning team for 30 seconds. Within that 30 seconds, the losing team has to go capture flags. If they take too long to capture some flags, they will go straight back to the base rape versus base camp game.

    The nuke only becomes available if the losing team has at least 50% tickets less than of the winning team.

    For example, winning team: 900 tickets and losing team has 400 tickets, they can use !votenuke.

    If the winning team: 700 tickets and losing team: 550 tickets, they cannot use !votenuke

    If the winning team: 400 tickets and losing team: 150 tickets, they cannot use !votenuke because the game is almost over.