Battlefield V (5) with a poll

  • Will you get Battlefield V? (You are allow to pick 5 reasons.) 12

    1. Yes, take my money/wallet EA!!! (1) 8%
    2. Yes, I will pre-order it for the beta access then if it sucks then I will cancel my pre-order. (2) 17%
    3. Yes, I will get it after I have watch all the YouTube reviews. (3) 25%
    4. Yes. the pre-order items are awesome and I must have them! (1) 8%
    5. Yes, if the customization is similar to Hardline's gun bench where you can edit gun skins and soldier's clothes. (3) 25%
    6. Yes, if they increase the maximum of players from 64 to something new. (1) 8%
    7. Yes, write your other reasons why. (0) 0%
    8. No, I like Hardline or BF3 the best. (4) 33%
    9. No, my PC cannot handle BF1, so it cannot handle BF5 too (2) 17%
    10. No, I do not like World War 2. (4) 33%
    11. No, BF5 is a reskinned game of BF1. (3) 25%
    12. No, campaign mode is too short or may not have a campaign mode (not confirmed yet). (0) 0%
    13. No, write your other reasons why. (3) 25%

  • I picked my reasons already.

    I think the main reason for me to not buy BF5 is that World War 2 will most likely have a limit amount of weapons per class like what they did in BF1. I mainly play as support class because I got the ammo pack. The main BF1 game had 3 guns per class then with the DLC's adding 1 gun to each class. Some of those guns were terrible on the support class.

    I would buy the game after the reviews and actual gameplay footage is on YouTube and if there is some kind of customization similar to Hardline. I can change the reticle in the scope and change the guns skins to either fixed version or to something radical like pink and yellow tiger stripes. BF4 has guns skins too, but they all look the same. They do not look amazing to having a gold plated gun.

  • I am pretty new to the BF franchise, since BF Hardline is my first and only BF experience alongside the 2 weeks trial of BF 4. So I was secretly hoping for a new version of Hardline while I knew this won't happen since EA shut down Visceral Games. But from what I have seen in all the BF videos out there, I can tell that Hardline is the most colorful and funniest part of the whole series. I watched the whole reveal event and a few videos with extended informations afterwards like this one.

    I am by no means excited from what I've seen and heard so far. I don't have a desktop PC but a 13" netbook. It almost melts after 3 rounds of BFH on all low graphics settings. Then I am not able to play anymore because of heavy FPS drops (around 30) due to the overheat. I can't imagine what would happen with BF 5 :D So even I would be excited and hyped, I wouldn't be able to play at all.

    I will stick with BFH until no one is playing anymore :)

  • I picked the " No, my PC cannot handle BF1, so it cannot handle BF5 too ", and I'm not planning to spend money on either of those things. For me, Bf1 felt like a re-skinned Battlefront, and I'm not expecting them to do any major changes in this game, its EA we're talking about. But to be fair, the game looks great as f#ck in the video. But Just like Masirius, I'll stick to Hardline when I have time to play

  • I didn't pick any of it at all because I simply don't know yet.

    I would recommend everyone to NOT pre-order the game and wait for the release. In the past EA earned too much money for promises that haven't kept and hypes that were not worth it.

    When the game is released and gameplay + setting + community gameplay is implemented well I guess the setting is not the most important thing to have fun in the end.

  • It might be awhile until we get a updated modern or even futuristic battlefield game. Hopefully by that time we can have 128 player servers.

    The trailer looks awesome, but it doesn't represent the actual online multiplayer game play. I'll admit my friends and I pre-ordered ultimate edition ($130 US Dollars) for BF1 then after the beta then EA ninja-changed their Terms of Service and denied everyones' preorder cancellation because people started to cancel their preorders.

  • It does remind me a bit of my favourite Total War series...have followed it right from Shogun Total War. After Attila is went shit literally ...Warhammer, Brits Thrones Total War and now some crap about China Kingdoms. No way I will buy any of above titles unless they get some sanity in the series. Same goes for BF5 they want to capitalise on all of political correctness manure. ..