Collection: PunkBuster permanent ban (#52120)

  • Finally this....tried to log to my old account two days ago and saw it on pb page . I have emailed even balance but no reply so far - not hoping for ban lift but still would like to get response. Ban waves seem to stop for now ..well until next time

    I already messaged them as a collection for various players (including you) and got a negative response without any explanation...

  • They do not give reason why/what caused detection due to it being general policy. If one gets an answer and other doesn't, it does create a feeling of injustice. If they revealed each and every reason of detections, it would make evading Punkbuster much easier for real cheaters.

    What I've figured out: be effin' careful with "trainers" (a la "add 100k cash to my Red Alert 2 single player round", "remove fog of war from my Sudden Strike 2 campaign").. Stuff like this. Lots of it is based on or generated using CheatEngine and apparently Punkbuster can recognize such executables and treats these as cheats. Which may end up with you banned from your random Punkbuster-protected game.

  • The people who got caught in the banwave did really use cheats or at least tried them once but got flagged for it. Everyone who got PB banned from PB and LF servers are on the Punkbuster Master Ban Index, but you need an account to see the names and their ban ID. It requires you to be a PB Streaming Admin. If this was a "false ban wave," everyone would have been banned like 50% of the BFH active playerbase. I think about 10% got a PB ban.

    The first thing people will always try to do when they get PB banned is try to convince everyone else they are not cheaters. If you never use cheats, you will never see your name on the PB MBI site. If you are branded as a cheater, you are still a cheater because your name is on the PB MBI which is also called "The Hall of Shame."

  • I did use CheatEngine for FIFA18 - script to boosting players, adding money to clubs funds BUT for single player mode only never played online. It could be that or any other external program that PB does not like , I do agree with what Unit posted.

    FiFA 18 does not have PunkBuster. You used "something" to get a PB ban on BFHL. You probably learned your lesson now.

  • Seit 1h werd ich auf sämtlichen Hardline-Servern insta-kicked. PunkBuster Perm-Ban. Ist mir in 7 Jahren BF3, BF4 und BFH noch nie passiert, und ich hab nicht den blassesten Schimmer, was die Ursache sein könnte. Habe halt jetzt auch ein Ticket auf platziert.


    Starting 1 hour ago I'm getting insta-kicked from any Hardline server I'm trying to play on. PunkBuster PermBan. Never happened to me in 7 years of playing BF3, BF4 and BFH. I have no clue whatsoever what might have caused this. I issued a ticket on