Banned Appeal ign aftrekker

  • Hello Goodafternoon,

    I was banned from the server la familia for wallhack.

    I know this is not relevant but I'm 32 years old and I do not have time to spend money on additional programs.

    if you want I give you the teamviewer or i give my twitch name, but please do not ban people without evidence, because I've never used cheats in my life.

    You are the owners of the server, you can do whatever you want, but have a little consideration.

    Thank you

  • In my opinion, i think that before ban me, the admins must analyze not only one but all my gameplays.

    Not only when i kill a player but also how i die, is easy to find someone who have wallhack.(prefire)

    Regarding your suspicious, at 6:34, i ear before one sniper shot coming from that side of the bulding, at 6:33 i saw the sholder of that player coming from the door, you cannot see everthing becase the video quality.

    I have almost 1000 hours in this game.

    I think is not fair perm ban me for no compelling reason.

    I can livestream my gameplay and then You'll see that you banned me unjustly.

    Thank you

  • If you tell me how to see him at 3.26, then I would think again with the spell, but would still exclude you for 2 weeks because Baserape.

    I upload all the videos from my gameplays.

    If i use wallhack why u cannot see in my gameplay.

    Wich proof do u need more?

    I will not beg u to unban me, is just not fair when u ban someone unjustly based on suspicious. But i have to deal with that, is your server u do the rules.

    Anyway thank you for everthing

  • I have almost 1000 hours in this game.

    Play time : 26S 6M

  • In the inpector footage you cannot see 100% all the frames, thats why sometimes you think that i did not see the player, i saw all the players before i kill. I do not record all my gameplay to proof that part.

    what about 3:26, if you see the inpector footage and the original video, you can see that you lost frames in the inspector video.

    Who use wallhack you can see easly, mostly of the people prefire player, or aim before the player come out.

    I will not use wallhack in a game that only has 4 or 5 servers open with a lot less players to be banned from the origin and lose the other games that I have in my account.

    I already said if u want i can livestream, i can go your teamspeak, i give my twitch and someone can check my gameplay, and then u will see if i use wallhack.

  • At 0:33 when he shoots at the enforcer guy and at the ammo box, his sniper rifle has no scope sway and no recoil because the barrel of the gun does not go up after each shot. It stays in the same spot after each shot. At 3:26, his aimbot snapped and trailed behind the guy from far away.