Problem with an admin on PB1 Hardline

  • blgDukEslx

    I think he abused his power as an administrator, he took himself for God! All the players that played there his full of his attitude, he killed without reason the players and did not stop to switch players from one team to another.

    I did not say anything wrong, just ironically "thanks ADMIN" and he said "FUCK YOU WARANASE", then he threatened to ban me.

    In short I participated in paying for PB to live when Antitoxis asked for help to pay.
    I'm sure you ignored her attitude and I posted this video to let you know. This kind of player with a power of administrator can harm PB. :evil:
    Thank you.

  • I mean, I find it ironic that you say "we played to well for him", yeah, while camping in a Cat like a scrublord, and f#cking up the balance for good :D

    Its totaly understandable that he moves heli tryhards to the other team, preventing the game to be one sided.. Also " No Overpowering (if you are an Uber player or platoon switch sides once in a while, if you play our servers empty we will use punishments)". So I dont get why you're complaning

  • Back in the days when I was admin, an admin ALWAYS at all times, had to stay Cool, Calm and Collected, no matter what.

    I guess times had changed.

    Sure thats alot of problems with players/clan's that heavily use attack choppers even with only few players online. Sitting in spawn hole maps in a vehicle etc and its great if an admin is online and tries to sort it abit, but use the force and stay Cool, Calm and Collected while doing it. Admin's should feel free to use alot of Ironic like: 'Im a bad admin, the server sucks and my mom should die of cancer?, thanks for the kinds words, they warm my soul' that was always good fun when players went nuts on you..

    just saying

  • No. You do not have to stay cool at all times. No Admin here gets money for his afford, its our time we spent here. Some players are constantly breaking the rules and sometimes we are personally insulted if we make sure that the rules are respected and punish those who break them. We do not have to stay cool and its perfectly fine and only human to take some of these things personally. Of course we try not to take things personally, but every human has his limit. Every BFH-Player should be over the age of 18 so usually he or she should have learned how to behave in a social interaction. Yes, sometimes we do move players to try to balance the teams. Yes, we do kill/kick/ban players who do not stick to our rules.

    I did not say anything wrong, just ironically "thanks ADMIN" and he said "FUCK YOU WARANASE", then he threatened to ban me.

    You forget the fuck you admin in the squad chat, mate. Its ok to ignore that and its also fine to kick you for that. And you could even get a timeout for that. So i agree to Rahn, I dont get why your are complaining about that. You got teamswitched. You complained about the admin, he complained about you. Pretty good deal, in my opinion.

  • is that how you say "thanks" in your language .. ?

    Waranasse Squad f c k admin June 6, 2018 11:09 PM

    yes i switched a bunch of players since you, Highcko and Mas0h where raging the way overpowered team with 2 attack-helis in downtown and people got frustrated ... that is my right as an admin and a lot asked for balance so i did in the next round.

    later you said "thanks admin" in public chat - maybe you didnt know we can also read squad chat :-)

    then yesterday you came in the game again complaining about this .. i explained in chat why i teamswitched players in next round to prevent your rage

    now today you come up with this again, accusing me of admin abuse???

    i should have tbanned you for admin-insult right away!

    take the 2 week cooler now!