Paid €15 for ubanning after agreement, another admin says that I wont be unbanned ? ....

  • If B4n4n45p1i7 does unban you, you should change your SUV playing style. You are considered a "SUV whore" sort of like the "Attack choppers whores" in Battlefield 4. The pilots refuses to leave the main base unless their friend is the chopper gunner. Those players always hog the attack chopper. They get very whiny if you take their attacker chopper from them. When I spawn in as the chopper gunner, the pilot deliberately crashes the helicopter, so he can get a new one without me in it. The same goes for you. You always keep the SUV to yourself and you never play in a squad. The only time when you join a squad is to steal the SUV for yourself then you leave the squad. When someone takes your SUV then starts driving around to get from Flag A to B, you start spamming the "GET OUT" command. That is the truth about you.

  • In Banned because lanuage violation ? Perm Ban.. ? I said denied!

    In Banned because lanuage violation ? Perm Ban.. ? I said denied and B4n4n45p1i7 said

    After latest personal messages:

    You won't be unbanned because you a) had 2 chances, b) posted racist messages ingame, c) did never even admin that you did something wrong so...

    I told you already, You got a 2nd chance without any unban-fee! There wont be a third chance!

    Btw, which agreement do you mean? Pls give me a link to this post or quote this post!

  • fa-str-01
    If you want to report a cheater, pls open a new topic containing some proof (video preferred). Before I gave you the 2 week ban I carefully checked the logs. These guys argued with you and yes, they might even provoked you. Thats the only reason you got a temp ban and not got a perm ban right away. If they insulted you personally, pls feel free to open a new topic and link the proper chatlogs as a proof.

    Here you admit that I have been provoked, and I am not opening a new topic to cry about people its so childish

    Asked yesterday before payment B4n4n45p1i7


    Thank you for youre decision, I cant find the payment link, can you send me the link ?

    I appriciate it very much

    Its read but didnt get any answer that I miss understand his text., after no reply I donated €15 ubanning fee

    Banned because lanuage violation ? Perm Ban.. ?

    If I am not getting unbanned why is this text for .. ?

    Even if you pay --> And the fee would calculate:

    5,- unbanning fee

    5,- wrong unban format

    5,- personal message

    it would be 15,- (See Banned? Please read first!)

    But I already know you'd be banned in a week and start crying about we robbed you the money.

    ( I promised BTW not to get in trouch with provokers again anymore )

    The admins here are also to help players (it should be) but if you send something to an admin, 1. you got no answer or 2 You here dont contact me anymore.

    Come on guys, if you cant send youre problem to an admin.. why are you admin anyway

  • Ok, lets go through this once and for all. We have a guidline how to appeal an unban-request. Its true, that there is a possibility for paying an unban-fee for a 2nd chance, but there are a few limitations. I will mark them in the text below!

    Lets put the pieces together:

    1. You got temp-banned for rasicm and insulting language by me! I had to argue with the other admins why I gave you a temp-ban and not perm-banned you right away!!!

    2. After this 2nd chance without any unban-fee or something like that, you could not even last 14 days until you got banned again for "language violation - repeatedly" this time by B4n4n45p1i7

    3. Your unban-request got denied twice by me.

    4. You wrote personal messages at least to me and B4n4n45p1i7

    5. As I mentioned above, B4n4n45p1i7 confirmed that you wont be unbanned.


    I dont know which translator your using, but "Even if you pay" is pretty obviouse translated - at least in german - by google

    7. No one confirmed you, that you can pay an unban-fee!

    8. We admins do have a real life. We told you several times with serveral admins that you not gonna be unbanned, but you do keep asking questions.

    9. 5€ für every guy promising he will stick to the server rules after getting banned and I could retire my job!

    10. This is not a familiy here. You cant play mom and dad against each others. Two admins said you gonna keep banned, so just stick with it!

  • 1. How is saying only the word 'jew' being rascist ? So saying 'Muslim' or 'Christian' or even 'Buddist' is racism ? Mark 1 thing, saying ' fucking jew ' is racist.
    Zionism is complete different thing then ' Judaism' = Jew

    2. After getting banned 1st time (after beeing provoded bij 2 guys because they couldnt beat me) and you saw it happening, but I am the only one getting an ban .. why ?

    3. Yes indeed, and then I asked for another admin to look at the case, didnt happen

    4. I did, after openened 2 topics and both topics got closed before even I can answer

    5. Why writing this text if I am not going to be unbanned.. ?

    Even if you pay --> And the fee would calculate:

    5,- unbanning fee

    5,- wrong unban format

    5,- personal message

    it would be 15,- (See Banned? Please read first!)

    But I already know you'd be banned in a week and start crying about we robbed you the money.

    7. I ask it again, got no answer, He could have said you misunderstood my text and dont pay the €15

    8. You are the only admin who have said that I cant be unbanned, I do not accept this dictatorship of yours and asked other admins to, but got no answer.

    9. I already promised and paid €15 to Dirk so the start is made to get retired of youre job :)

    Btw Im playing for more then 2 years @ youre servers, what problem did I made ? No cheating nothing.. Stop being childish fa-str-01 its a game and sometimes you say things that you wont say normally, but some people can be very very anoying..

  • Guys -

    first rule of all - when you start a conversation with me you'll never be unbanned.

    I only post PUBLIC.

    Second of all - NO I did say everything in my last post and do not need to discuss even more. Debating club is a few websites further eastbound...

    Let's do it the easiest and predicted way:

    I'll check if we received the donation, then i'll unban you asap.

    The next insulting / reacist / whatever message I read from you your ass will be banned on all servers and the website. If this happend in like 20 minutes so be it.