BFV Closed Alpha #2

  • hi guys,

    i played a little BF5 and i was pretty disappointed:

    - gameplay horrible (friends were shown offline, got stuck on spawn-screen had to reojoin server ...)

    - no bugs from BF1 were solved


    basically i can agree on what this guys says:

    it looks like its gonna be the first BF i wont buy.

  • One word to describe BF V: shit.

    Spawn system is utterly shit

    Spot system, which is completely removed, is shit.

    Map layout and enemy standout is shit.

    You need a 4K UHD monitor to see enemies.

    Gameplay feels slow, assignment system and the overall menu is confusing and misleading.

    That game feels like from an indie developer rather than a AAA title.

    If you guys want a decent game with modern setting, here you go: WW3

  • Have to agree with Masirius here. Despite my best efforts , friends dragged me into the beta, but soon after it got frustrating, couldnt spot for shit, and I dont know whos idea was to include the bleed out system, but he should be fired. I spent more time holding the left button to bleed out, than actually playing. But the game looks stunning, unfortunatelly I had to play it on all low, but still. I'll just stick to Hardline .

  • The "M30 Drilling" mammoth gun/double barrel shotgun combo gun is cool. I did not have to camp doorways to get kills with the double barrel shotgun. It has more range than the DB shotgun in BFH. I could kill people at around 8 to 10 meters. BFH's DB shotgun has the worst range; I can only get kills at 3 meters or less. You have the choice to shoot one barrel or two barrels at the same time. You only have 2 shots per reload. If you shoot both barrels and miss, you are a dead man. I always shoot one barrel at a time because if I miss the first shot or the first shot does not kill them, the 2nd shot will finish it.

    The same goes for the mammoth gun in BFH, you can shoot single shots for a maximum of three shots per reload or shoot all three barrels at the same time. Shooting all 3 shots at once usually kills no one. It is better to shoot single shots.

    In BF5, it is different. When I press V to change my fire rate, it changes to the DB shotgun with one shot with both barrels at the same time per reload or Mammoth gun with one shot per reload. I can switch to the DB shotgun for close quarters and for short to medium range switch to the Mammoth gun by changing my fire rate. I slaugther lots of people in hallways with the shotgun.

    The bad side is you are still using the iron sights like the mammoth gun. It is an eye sore to use tiny iron sights to aim. I only got to use the gun for about 20 minutes before the beta ended.