Fiszaa aimbot hack videoproof

  • i started spectating when you were KD 40:10.

    i noticed you auto-aim to targets (you dont lock them - clever) then you spot them and shoot.

    this video you turn / aim to the player still behind the corner. (he is not spotted, the guy thats spotted runs thru the house and kills him at the end of video).

    next clip shows you aim on multiple targets

    e.g. the guy getting out of the commando-truck - that one you dont realize, instead you aim to the next further away and start shooting at him

    e.g. at 0:29 you aim to a guy behind the tree, here as well you wonder why you aim there until you finally see him.

    also you use a norecoil-nospread cheat, throughout the videos

    you always shoot full auto-fire (hold down, no bursts) with FAL !!!

    but even with that your unskilled true-aiming only hits non-moving targets.

  • I'm sorry, but I completly don't understand what are you writting to me.

    Pls explaine me where are my mistakes. I play this game for cuple of years and I think that I'm good at it.

    I can see the enemies on minimap and I can hear them in my headphones.

    FAL is OP, but it isn't a reason to block me.

    There are nothing on this clips that can show that I hack the game.

  • BigDukeSix Im ersten Video spottet er den Heli, dreht sich aber schnell nach links um, sodass die Hand-Animation verzögert eintritt und es so aussieht, als würde er durch das Haus einen Gegner spotten. Und im Allgemeinen möchte ich darauf hinweisen, dass man bei maximaler Mini-Map Größe und Zoom auf der Dustbowl Map beispielsweise von B aus Gegner in C sehen kann. Das ist bei mir immer der Fall. Mit genug Erfahrung, weiß man dann, in welche Richtung man blicken muss, wenn der Gegner getarnt ist.

    Ich denke der Typ ist einfach nur gut, den habe ich früher auch oft verdächtigt weil wir quasi immer einen FAL-Kampf ausgefochten haben.

  • I'm sorry, but I completly don't understand what are you writting to me.

    i think you know exactly what i talk about:

    Cheats used: aim-to-target, norecoil+nospread

    that's why you stay banned on PB servers.

    what can you do?

    go play on other servers.

    if you want, record and upload 1st person videos of yourself raging as you did here and do long-range autofire with FAL (as in the video below).

    your raise in KD from 1.3 with other battlefield accounts to way over 2 has its reasons and from the recordings i have skill is not the reason.

    @optix: in der szene spottet er tatsächlich den heli, dennoch zielt er genau auf den gegner, der hinter der blechwand und noch hinter der hausecke ist. von diesen aims habe ich hier einfach zu viele und das FAL-Handling ist unmöglich.

  • Why did you closed the topic, not everything was explained?

    I don't use any cheats, I have no knowlegde how to use such things.

    Maybe my mouse "Bloody V" can be the reason norecoil?

    This mouse has such option but I don't use it, it is not switch on. The mouse is instaled on standard drivers in windows 10.

    Antoher thing is that my monitor is 4K option, that's way I can see the enemies from the long distance and FAL which is OP needs only few shots to kill wounded guy.

    I cant play on other servers because they are empty.

    As I undersdtand you want me to record a video, but I don't know if I should record my monitor during playing or capture screen when I'am playing?

  • I googled "bloody v mouse recoil", and I see videos for no recoil macro script. No Recoil Macro scripts is cheating. Reputable companies like Logitech, Corsair, Razer, and other big name brands do not allow you to run recoil macro scripts in their mouse software. A lot of cheaters use that mouse for no recoil.

  • hi.

    we close all topics, when everything is said about it so they dont end up in endless discussions.

    whether you have a recoil script or cheat - we dont care .. sure enough you used one in the videos i made, it is obvious.

    go play BF3 and BF4 and dont spoil your accounts there.

    - topic closed .. again -