Battlefield 5: Open Beta

  • I get about 80+ FPS on low and around 45 FPS on Medium. People are skipping around in the game. It is somewhat difficult to get headshots with a sniper rifle. Most of the time I just do 55 damage. My ping is around 40 in a USA server. I spend most of my time camping near the ammo crate because of the netcode issue. NO ONE GIVES YOU AMMO.

    I'm getting close to unlocking "Magnum rounds" for the sniper rifle. I'll see how it does. I am level 8 or 9 Recon. When you choose the route to unlock special perks, you have to unlock the bipod first for the sniper rifle. It is only annoying when I am prone because it takes an extra 5 seconds to close the bipod then stand up. I am usually dead before I stand up. Once you unlock the bipod, you cannot disable it!

    I usually play Support first but the bipod is annoying as f***. I am about to shoot someone then I open the bipod then I die. I'm on the train bridge, I shoot someone below as soon as I walk up closer to the edge, the bipod pops open to mount on the wall and the guy runs away. When the bipod is open, I am locked to a certain viewing angle.

    The special perks is like the gun attachments for BFH except you when level up your gun to maximum level, you can have fast aim (3rd reputation of Operator), bipod,faster bolt-action, magnum rounds, and other perks all at the same time on one gun.

    The gun skin/camo is a little better than Hardline where you can color of the individual parts rather than the whole gun. In Hardline, the skins only change the metal part of the gun.

    Game mechanics is the same as BF1.


    I may buy the game if the gun perks are good. I am still going to wait for the reviews after the final release of the game then wait extra few months for them to fix anything they were not able to fix before their deadline.

  • The "Long Bullet" / Magnum round does +5 more damage with less bullet drop. +60 damage anywhere except the head. This is for the first sniper rifle.

    Kar98 does like 70-80 damage but you get only 15 shots versus 30 shots with the first sniper rifle.

    I found it is best to snipe on Grand Operations. It's rare to find someone 300+ meters away. It is usually the newbie snipers who camp towards the left or right side of the hill. People tend to use this area to flank behind the enemy. It takes me about 2-10 shots to zero the scope for a headshot if the guy does not move. You have a mono-cular (binocular) to spot enemies and see how far they are to zero your scope from 60, 120, or 300 meters. Without zeroing, it takes me about 1-3 shots just from guessing how high I need to aim above their head for the bullet drop.

    Medium scope is somewhere between 3x and 4x zoom, and this is your starting scope. Long scope is 8x zoom.

    Some trees are invisible walls. People can camp under a tree and shoot from it, you cannot shoot at them unless you go under the tree.