Major_Willson hacking on PB4

  • This player is already banned by [LF]Redskins but I want to provide the evidence just for the record.

    He was using a weird kind of aimbot which spinned out. I've never seen this before.

    Important timestamps:

    00:35 - Aimbot spins out

    00:58 - Aimbot spins out

    1:05-1:10 - Aimlock

    1:21 - Aimlock & snap

    1:26 - Aimbot spins out

    1:55 - Aimsnap

    2:24-2:37 - Several snaps & kills with strange sound change while firing. (Bug?)

    3:09-3:21 - (Probably) wallhack

    3:58 - Aimbot-twista

    4:05 - aimsnap at "invisible" Mafioso 8o

    There is actually no need for a video since he admitted he is not clean as you can see here @22:47.

    I can't wait to bust him again :D