Hardline as a Music Video

  • I would even go for remastered BFH but I really doubt we will ever see another one. Right from the start BFH has been like Cinderella of Battlefield series - I didnt start playing until late simply because of bad reviews . Now I see how wrong they all were. Where will EA go after BF5 that's another question . Most likely follow up of BF4 but who knows

  • BF6 is probably a BF:Bad Company Vietnam remake. I love using that flamethrower. If they used BF4's engine to make BFH, it would have been still as popular as BF4 right now. I think they used Medal of Honor's Warfighter engine to make BFH. MOH:WF is a dead as BFH with little active servers.

    BF5's primarily focus is going to be that Fortnite mode. The COD:Black Ops 4 Blackout (Fortnite) mode is meh if you solo but it's fun as hell with a group of friends or co-worker. All they have to do now is turn those 80 or 100 player Blackout servers into a BF Conquest copy cat mode with that high of a player count then it will become COD4: Modern Warfare all over again. Yes, BO4 has dedicated servers on PC. The weapon customization is like BFH where you can paint your gun and change reticle on your sights and scope. Yes, there is a IRNV scope too.

    COD:BO4 stole Heist idea from BFH and added Counter Strike's buying system in that game mode. You work up to earn money each round to buy your equipment and guns and your objective is you go pickup the cash bag then run to the drop off zone. You only get 1 life per round. Unlike in BFH, you get 100 respawns and most of the time it's just TDM with 100 respawns in a 64 player server.