Sector - unban request

  • Sector schrieb:

    Hello dear Administration ! My account (username Alexbreitling) was banned from all pb servers in BFHD for bad language. Reason - It's was not me. The person who was playing the game that day form my PC is my close friend. He was drunk and stupid. I'm realy sorry for that situation happening with players at that day!

    Could you please unban my account? And surely i'll donate 5 euro for issue of my friend. This is the only game i can relax in it.

    Thank You in advance! I regret this act!

    Sector Thats a pretty radical change betwen "i want to ban" and "now what you need to ban me or to play without che...". I took a closer look at your chatlogs. Your angry friend seems to play pretty often.

    1) We did hear this story in all possible variations. My uncle, big/little brother/sister, my dad/mom/grandmom/grandgrandmom etc. played on my account and did insults/use-cheats/glitching/racism/changed-my-battlelog-picture-into-a-nazi-symbol etc. So unless your story starts with "The dog/cat of my grandmother ..." - which soundls like the beginning of a great story - I dont want to hear it. Your account, your responsibility. Simple as that!

    2) Your ban is going to expire within the next 18 hours. That was a warning. But pls keep in mind that I randomly check some chatlogs, espacially if players got banned because of bad-language before.

    Have a nice day and enjoy playing on the server


    PS. The original post got deleted because he hijacked some other dudes thread