Personal question for admin staff

  • Hello admin staff.
    First I apologize if I have created this topic in completely wrong section of forums. I am 30 years old IT professional from east Croatia.
    I would really like to play on your servers but I have problem, because admins kick me randomly because of "no ping". This is not my fault at all, it's fault of my ISP (internet service provider) which blocks any of ICMP (over TCP) messages. Yes I can play BF hardline but it's just annoying when admins kick me in middle of the game because of no ping. I ping on other games usually DE servers around 35-45 (I am from Croatia), yes ALL other games show my ping status, EXCEPT battlefield 3/4 and BF hardline. I have very stable VDSL 50/10mbits connection (I don't use wifi at all and stuff).
    I would REALLY like to play on your BF hardline servers, can you give me access that I can play normally on your servers even if I don't have my ping shown?
    Yes I can't fix the problem, my ISP won't turn off firewall on my connection, sorry I have contacted them and they're following their rule - I tried even do port forwarding, simply it doesn't work anything - I can't fix this problem, it's my ISP.

    Thanks for any replies in advance.


  • Hi Guys....

    Can we set it so we create a "No Ping" group @ BFCP allowing any Head Admins to add players by managing Lists @ Groups "Roles" @ BFCP
    Best in my opinion is 1x/6 months Log-proof of Ping validation.
    This to prevent unfair ping lag by hidden pings.

    [hidden]Explanation/idea how to deal with pingers to keep FairPlay and avoid Hidden High Pingers]
    (Allowing high ping'ers who managed to hide there ping is bad for long term results)
    Even VIP's should be Ping validated in my (personal) opinion. (Got future project/ideas for this)
    Command prompt can still be executed by (auto)script correct?
    Allow uploading and run script on game launch, then end user uploads Logs...(Within 7 days?)
    This containing Logs pings during Playtime....(to server Rack or Same Host/Data-center, So Locally/Local (VPN) Network of game servers)
    That validates that the player does not ping and does not have it turned off in Local settings.
    (Many will keep trying this and we end up with massive amount of high ping'ers not displaying there ping, hidden pings)
    Don't mind being blocked if "Ping" is in reason and user is on White-list

    I say IF needed 1x donation as 1x administration fee? (Only IF needed of course/obviously)
    And can we Setup Manual to ping Servers?
    (Maybe even Ping players/users on the Stats Page IF not ping'ing in-game.
    (So auto ping-log those who are on "Missing Ping" role/group)
    This to allow For Future Scripts and auto kicks from groups if mass complaints flush in and/or if Mass Ping spikes are continues when they are using the Stats Page. (Based on WAY above average of member group, learning script?)