• Games I have installed:

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 8)

    Battlefield V :/

    Fallout 76 :P

    Uninstalled: Battlefield: Hardline (I still have a backup on my 1 TB external SSD)

    COD:BO4 is a 2.5/5 star rating. It's the same COD style from other previous COD games except for Blackout/Fortnite mode and specialist skills. The Blackout is a 100 player Free For All in a dedicated server. It has some potential to make it into a 50 vs 50 or even 25 vs 25 server like in COD4: Modern Warfare. They could just copy Battlefield's conquest mode.

    Battlefield V is a 2/5 star rating. It's a reskinned of BF1. I expected the weapon customization to be like Hardline, but it isn't. COD:BO4 weapon customization is similar to Hardline. As for game play outside of TDM, Domination, and Conquest, it's a base camp fest in Grand Operations, Break Through, and Front Lines. Airplanes base rape right at the start of the map. When the game can move forward, it gets very fun. Most of the time, we just move to the next area and stop pushing forward. Everyone with a tank base camps with it. The double barrel shotgun with Mammoth gun is a cool to have, but it still isn't good.

    Fallout 76 is an online version of Fallout 4's Survival Mode. I just got it yesterday and started playing it. I didn't play the beta, so I don't know about the game bugs. It feels like I have to learn Fallout all over again because I was an item hoarder in FO4 with a 2,000 carry weight 8o.

  • Happy New Year :)

    Left BFH for the time being but it seems that my favourite EA tile is going to die pretty soon. Wish that this game got revived (remastered version) but thats my wishful thinking.

    BF 1/5 initially no go territory but now playing it and...feelings still pretty mixed but not as bad as I thought. BF 5 feels very COD ish so BF1 is main game at the moment

    Attila Total War is my sideline. Last decent title CA released so working on few mini mods for that

    Considering to reinstall BF4 but is it worth it?

  • BF4 runs flawlessly, but for me, it's boring because I'm already max level with all infantry weapon unlocks. There's nothing else for me to do in that game. I literally will fall asleep trying to play it. If you're not level 140, you should give it a go again. There are still lots of servers to play in.

  • Just checked my stats and I'm on level 140 and since I was playing on infantry only servers there is no point of playing it a ... pity that BFH got few servers left to play but life goes on so does the gaming.

    that looks pretty good might try it

    Add me on steam, maybe we can play a round together. Kupfi and I played this in nov/dec last year

    But I have to admit that player counts are painful as well sometimes ...


  • What is the play like Banana? Something like BF4?

    Feels good, pretty short TTK, but all in all weapon handling is great, little tanks / vehicles so much infantry fighting.

    I'd say it's more direct than BF4/BFH, I think all weapons have their patterns, because DEVs want people to learn the game and it's mechanics (Back to the roots). As well - if you have a bad ping you're in trouble, in contrary to BF where a high ping gives you advantages it's like in the old days.

    The game is for FPS gamers, not for casuals.

    Personally I love it, It is just a bit boring to play on 3 maps only with only 1 or 2 friends...

    AND: Don't forget, it's early access. Things like team switch have been added only last week (didn't try it so far), so all in all balancing was horrible sometimes and the time to play was a bit long (waiting to join a server only to find yourself on an empty one)...

    Imho the biggest issues have already been fixed (runs better than BF4 at the beginning :D), but it's still EA.

    Kupfi wrote a review directly after EA relase: https://lafamilia-gaming.com/forum/ww3/

    You can check the english flag above to get an automated translation, which sould be enough to understand.

  • World War 3 looks amazing, but it looks like the gun's recoil is fixed or has almost no recoil. These are low budget games. They make the trailer look amazing, but the game's execution is poor. If they don't have money coming in, employees start to leave the company then ultimately, they quit working on the project.

    If you read some of the negative reviews of WW3, some of them say there are server loading issues. Keep in mind, if you play the game under 2 hours, you can request a refund. If you waste time waiting on the loading time, there goes your money. You might as well go back to BF4 where the game is 100% functional with no server issues.