Russian-speaking swearing players

  • Hi guys! We need your help again.

    Recently, there are more and more Russian-speaking players, and probably it would be good to increase online players.

    But the vast majority of them write in Russian (which is already prohibited by the rules), but even that could have been forgiven if it had not been a curse and insult of other players. It is necessary to understand that not all of them know English. I try to explain the rules and calm them down - some calm down, but from some, only insults in answered.

    I dare to offer to leave this topic for reports on such players, as it is not very pleasant to read constant insults or abuse of players in the chat, and we can do nothing more with them.

    So we need a help with IIIbIKAJIATKA. For a few days there were only curses and insults in the chat. I warned him several times to calm down. I think he needs a sedative - temp ban for a week or two.

    Thank you in advance!