How am I supposed to solve my problem with an admin?

  • please solve your problems among yourselves

    closed !!!

    How is that supposed to happen? take insult from scumbags and insult back, then admin kill/ban me?

    Shame on you for having a foul mouth admin that is insulting ppl and protect his trash friends. No wonder you had six servers now they are only 3 and i believe they will be zero eventually if you continue like that.

  • I only want to enjoy playing my favorite game without being insulted just for killing someone who thinks he is GOD, or a friend of GOD. especially if he was already per-banned twice before for language/insult.

    I have been taking insults from that person for months now, told anyxie, anyxie didn't do anything, so I started to insult back, and that was it. I didn't complain here in the forum or cry. just replied to him. But after what happened yesterday, the situation changed, I take insult, I insult back, I get punished for that by an admin.

    Stop looking to this as an LF admin to have a clear vision. that guy thinks he is really immune review his chat logs and you find many words about his admin friends and what he can do, also the threaten people for banning too many times.

    I have a friend who is also seeing what's happening and you can't see it.

    I got the following message on battlelog from a friend of mine:


    I even saw it with my own eyes how that Ghost was insulting people with "son of bitch" (thats who he says it, no matter which account) and when the insulted guy responded he got either warned or even kicked


    I can't provide the name of my friend. perhaps he may intervene here and make a statement.

    I'm not the only one who felt offended by anyxie bad friend. perhaps if you don't close the thread you will get more responses.

  • All right, you wanted it that way.

    I read all chatlogs for the last 2 weeks of all accounts posted in the other thread + Aisar (Found him linked).

    I can not find any "strong" insults (only noob / chopper stuff) from any of these, on the other hand, your chatlog, mas0h begs for a ban for bad language, because you are flaming and insulting like hell.

    I do not care who started or who ended it. FROM THIS MOMENT ON I will check chatlogs of all of you guys and will ban 2 weeks for every insult to anyone. Action / Reaction / Admin / Player - I don't care.

    AND: Here is your profile: Please tell me WHERE you got an admin kill -> Every command is logged. Anyxie only moved you on dec 23rd 2018. That's not a kill and that is no abuse of any powers.

    It took me now more than half an hour to find any proofs for your accusations and still can not find any but this one sentence from GHOST (SS from Masirius). Still here you can't tell if he lied to confuse you or what.

    If you think donkey is an insult, I should permaban you for using moth***cker alone.

    I don't know any of these guys - just seen the nicknames in our TS from time to time, neither have I talked more than 2 sentences to Majed myself, which is the only one I talked to. As well I did not see anyxie the past few weeks, so I am no biased by anything, only looking for the facts.

    This having said I hope you will stop posting huge textblocks without any useable information and only post when you have something useful. I won't take that much time for nothing again.

    /No actions taken, future actions will come


  • ok dafür würde ich 2 Wochen Auszeit vorschlagen genauso für mas0h

    würde gern noch 1-2 Meinungen von anderen admins dazu hören wenn die einverstanden sind bekommen jetzt beide einen und gut is

    Bin dafür.

    2 Wochen für GHOST, majed kriegt die 2 Wochen zurückgesetzt (Sind ja wohl die gleichen), mas0h auch gleich.

    ist zwar eigentlich das Gegenteil von dem, was ich vorgeschagen hab, dann eben direkt den Rundumschlag.

    Aisar und der Are_you auch gleich? Bei denen hatte ich nix gesehen.

    P.S.: Masirius, ja da hab ich den ban gleich gegengerechnet ...

  • B4n4n45p1i7 laut der stats Seite sind Ghost und Are_you_7mar verlinkt. Wird er wohl auch sein. Hau den Ban rein, wenn es nicht dieselbe Person ist, wird er sich schon beschweren :D

    Edit: Gestern war Ghost mit diesem Account verknüpft, heute sehe ich Aisar. Ich blicke da nicht mehr durch.

  • guys sorry because its too long but you should look at this again please

    I have never insulted anyone

    and for nothing I got 2 months ban

    it took a lot of time time to collect all this infos


    hello all,

    the account "Are_you_7mar" is actually mine. I bought it yesterday and I have got the invoice for it.

    With the word "7mar" (donkey) I don't mean to insult anyone because we are free to choose the user name.

    anyways I will change this name in the soon future.

    my name and my address have been hidden for security reasons.

    but I won't silence to tell about the insults in Arabic.…UsR2URGO2B1D-h2wV2p-U4gSG…m0d8qYw8cB-eLDp6EWjzxZ0Mm

    for that I am ready to give an account statement.

    as we all know, no one here has special immune against the others as well mas0h

    I am not sure if old admins or VIP players has immune.

    I was shocked that he was an admin with this reputation.…Be9OctI2cAFFqCzqsly07umNW

    but not anymore!!!…T5obvx6J_H7yIuwEdypYDRDj-

    mas0h speaks a lot bad language for example:

    look at this screenshot…DXyoOeH5TL_rk6lsEBQC6yKUk

    or this…GJiO00RznJQSL5725-TzkjKVW

    or even this in Arabic…PMLssmf9DSchXrAsFxNLzrin9

    in the chat we cant type in arabic because its not supported language thats why we have to use the Arabic chat alphabet for more details go to the link below:

    so this player has no clean history because of his bad behavior…00&showspam=1&pid=&page=3…VduguTsm236qGnKuK3IoYhleW

    here google translate cant help because its not arabic alphabet.

    I can translate as a native arabic speaker.

    and I can prove that with google too by writing the word in the arabic alphabet

    for exampel here (to make sure,just write this in google translate ?? ??? ????????)…qLIfzMjeb6OZX9KiARmY-prVV

    kossomak = fuck your mother

    ya khwal= Oh, you fagot (Schwuchtel)

    yabnel metnaka= Oh, you son of bitch

    he insulted me here without a reason.(after getting killed few times by me)…00&showspam=1&pid=&page=4…cPBzz9TnDgPUhheio5p5uRRND

    he was here trying to make team kill because he couldnt take the heli.…00&showspam=1&pid=&page=7…k30cf7tgCyRdRgP-oxjtKzKyR

    its was not the first time to say "fuck your mother" as you can see here mas0h started the battle of words by cursing Majed...

    so Majed had replied on him but mas0h speech was really offinsive.

    so it was bad from both sides and now Majed is banned because of one curse.…6dQrsBTav0gZk4LiypBunZ5IA

    I can translate everything they said in Arabic but why if that was only cursing each other.

    in my opinion this guy must have limit.

    I hope that admins take an action to stop all these instigations and provocations.

  • I'm really disappointed by your judgement, I'm the victim who complained but I get a ban :). You will not see me again here. NO more HARDLINE for me or at least on your server.

    But one last word about Aisar. He is a decent person he never insulted me nor anyone else. He doesn't deserve that ban.

    aisar963 you spent a lot of time collecting certain words of my chat log, I strongly argue you to review my reply to your bad friend, you will find that every time he started the insult because I killed him and my words to him was a reply. Also I did that after complaining to an admin (Anyxie) but he did nothing to stop his insult.

    Hope to see my good friends in other games.

  • Mas0h, thx for you advice with Aisar. We did check the logs again and decided to unban him!

    As for your tban, you know that you insulted another player ... pretty hard to find out who started this, so all insulting players got 14 days - pretty usual solution.

  • The players involved in the dispute are all my friends, and almost 100% of the players in Hardline are also my friends,

    Even my enemies become after a chat my friends.

    I have more than 300 videos and 580 follower on my YouTube channel devoted exclusively to this game, I always tried to convey my passion for this game!

    Hardline has fewer and fewer players and servers are increasingly empty, let's be more TOLERANT with our players who make this game live!

    mas0h is a god in this game and the fact that he does not play anymore only kill this game again ..

    Regarding the admins still recently on the tone of the joke as is common in the parties I released an '' n00b '' and the player who was an admin member of the LF clan instantly kicked me for that. tell me not to get the wrath on me.That's the atmosphere it reigns with some admin in lack of power.