Got banned for flying heli (sic!)

  • Dear Server Owners,

    Today I have tried to enjoy one of your BFH servers, however this experience has been spoiled by one of the Admins, who banned me from it.

    Real Reason: Flying heli
    Reason given: Crashing heli

    I admire you allow people with severe mental retardation enjoying the game and you welcome them on your servers but you should not, under any circumstances, give them ADMIN privileges.

    I was banned simply because I was flying heli and I assume that the gentlemen ( or I presume 12-14 yo Justin Bieber's fan) who banned me, wanted that too. So he decided to get rid of me from the server, so he can enjoy it himself. I got 10-9 score at the time of the ban and 9 deaths was caused only by the fact, that mr [TURK]RAGEaftersometing chose not to help mi with shooting, despite being encourage to do so by other users of the server.

    I must admit this is first time I appeal a server ban, and I have never seen anyone being banned for simply using it according to the rules of the game. If mr RAGE wants to fly the heli all the time by himself, I suggest he play this game alone. From his behaviour I presume that he is custom to playing alone, mostly in his bathroom....or maybe with his uncle, that would explain a lot.

    I urge you not only to remove this ban but to revoke admin privileges from mr RAGE immediately and for ever. Such behaviour not only gives you a bad name but also puts to shame the whole admin community.

    Kind Regards


  • hi ..
    thanks for your statement.
    it was me who banned you, since players complained. i quit my rage, joined your server to spectate you crashing the heli again, then banned you. i certainly had no interest in flying "your" chopper. your statement is fine, but accusations and demands unnecessery.
    pls show some more cooperation and less hijacking ...
    @Admins: Unban this guy.
    @Antitoxis StatsPageRights pls!!

  • Thank you for your reply.

    I appreciate your gesture and I am grateful for unbanning me. However I still believe that you were a little bit hasty in your decision to place a ban.

    What I wrote was 100% accurate. I was not crashing the heli, I was merely trying to fly it and did some nice kills in it but with no support from the gunner, could not do much.

    It is not my fault that I was placed in the driving seat all the time and to be honest if you would ask politely I would give you the stick time to time.

    Anyway try to be more understanding for other players and not use the last resort for a real offenders like cheaters or bullies.

    Once again thanks for taking off the ban.



  • i can only kill, kick or permban. for behavious stuff i rather ban/un-ban since a kick wont cool someone down, so this was all intentional.
    i dont want to be the referee of you guys jumping each others pilot seat ... cmon from what i read here you should overstand that and maybe let others fly too once in a while even when they may not have asked for your permission :-)

  • If you're gonna ban players for this type of behaviour then include it in the rules.

    I too hate people that waste vehicles by driving/flying those into redzones, crashing them into trees/buildings or otherwise steering these things into certain death.

    But as much as I despise those type of retarded players it'd be unfair to ban them for it. After all they aren't breaking any of the PB rules.

    And punishing people for rules that you're making up on the fly is idiotic, who the heck is supposed to foresee which action is bannable and which one isn't? That's what the rules are for in the first place.

    PS: When it comes to vehicles it's first come first serve. There's no need for a referee deciding whose turn it is...

  • as a server admin we will try to keep fair-play running on the server. so i will kill, kick or ban whoever is showing such destructive behaviour that you describe willy.
    there is also something called common sense - an unwritten rule - and if you are missing this, don't be surprised if you are killed, kicked or banned on PB-Servers :-)
    thank you for your attention!

  • An "unwritten rule" is a contradiction in itself as anything not written down isn't a rule.

    It's simply the result of people making stuff up as they go along. Calling that common sense is absolute nonsense.

    I could for instance proclaim that not camping the enemy spawn, not abusing highroof and not swearing in chat could be considered common sense aswell and doesn't need to be written down as a rule.

    It still is. Why? Because good server admins will set rules that the players should abide by THEN penalize those players if they break them.

    They don't go around punishing people randomly for bogus offenses that they consider non "fair-play".

    What is fair-play anyways? Everyone defines it differently.

    How would you feel if you got banned for driving the CAT or shooting people with the M16A3 because some admin considers this vehicle/weapon to be unfair.
    Because he considers this point of view to be "common sense".
    No rule, no warning, no nothing, just a ban.

    That is just poor adminship. I don't recall PB always being like this, you guys didn't forge your outstanding reputation with inept actions like these.

    It doesn't really matter now since BFH is practically dead with just a handful of servers left, but if this clan decides to migrate to another game with the mentality of "I'm gonna do whatever the fuck I want and if you don't like it then fuck off and get killed/kicked/banned" then you're going to be in for a rude awakening as you realize that nobody is keen on subjecting themselves to the mood of people who are completely unfit to assess their own actions.

  • Hello everyone !

    You're a big liar! You are bad ! And you are bad times!

    You get into the helicopter, you go to point E and you jump, you die, then you come back in the helicopter!

    Then when you get to take the helicopter you go up to GUNNER and you do not shoot any more so that one can die quickly!

    You block the helicopter in the base! And you do not move anymore!

    I warned you, you said nothing fuck!

    Then we called an admin he entered the server and saw you block the helicopter!

    Then you are banned!

    I ask that people like this one no longer fit in the game, these people block the game of other people, those are not good people ...

    Torageafterkill ...