PING-Limits // PING-KICK Problems

  • Information for players with ping-kick problems:

    Please understand that high-ping players will lag the server and must be kicked therefore to provide maximum fun for all players!

    Ping-Kick Settings:
    - Conquest Server: 180ms (when full = 64players) 200ms (when players > 50)
    - All other Servers: 300ms (we cant go any higher than that)

    if your average ping exceeds these values over a period of 180 seconds you will be kicked!

    You will find more information soon on the new forum!

    Tipp: Try to shut down any other devices that may use internet in your home while playing
    e.g. mobile-fon,tv,internet-radio ..., turn off parents/wife/children PC,fones .. :-) use LAN cable and deactivate WiFi ... this should keep your ping steady at the lowest rate!

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