balance again

  • guys wtf again server unbalanced constantly. 5 idlers on 1 side none on other. this really messes the game play up. mostly pb guys idling.

    can we get this sorted, or maybe just shut all ur servers down if cant be managed.

    been thinking about donating but not till server is run/controlled better

  • oh you mean our PB 4 DLC Server?

    If this is not ok for you, play on other server!

    Oh sorry, no other Servers will running with DLC...

    This afk players are my Accounts to help start the server or other friends from our clan!

    You will donate? Than donate and don't complaining here about this...

    And what is you problem with tha balance?

    I have added a plugin. My Accounts 2 in one 2 in other team are always the same...

    I hate this guys... No idea did not pay anything and only complain

    Friendly is:

    Hey guys, i see that the DLC Server (my favorite) isn't running well.

    So i have a lot of time, can i help start the server?

    And in some times, the teams are not balanced really good, can i help here that i move the afk guys?

    Nothing to say more...

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  • Hey man.

    Which server? When did this happen? How many players were on the server at that time?

    Hi willy.

    it was on the pb4 server mate. happens often, about 10 to 12 per side but 1 side had 5 idlers. few people left due to the unbalance. alot were commenting on it why i came and mentioned it. just trying to keep servers up and running. but balance is an issue. was in another game think server just getting up and running. 2 plus 4 idlers 1 side 6 players on the other. hope you can see where i'm coming from mate.

  • You already got an answer from Anti but I'm going to rephrase it a bit for better clarity.

    Compared to our other servers PB#4 is chronically empty (I've listed a few reasons for that in this post) , especially in the early hours.

    As a result we always experience tremendous difficulty trying to increase population to the point where people want to actually visit it.

    A majority of the playerbase isn't going to join unless there's a certain amount of people already on the map. Nobody wants to be among the first on an empty server.

    Anti found a solution to this problem by evenly distributing his multiple BFH accounts so that there's a number of 'players' on PB#4 to get it started.

    Emphasis on the word EVEN.

    An equal amount of... 'bots' on each side should eliminate the possibility of this population tactic causing imbalance between the teams.

    He even uses a special plugin to ensure that his accounts are properly distributed between the teams.

    If you happened to come across more idlers on your team that's just the eventual bad luck of other people joining and going AFK randomly.

    We can't help it. Tuning the AFK-Manager plugin to the point where it immediately kicks inactive players is going to make it impossible to get the server going in time resulting in an even lower population and eventually leading the the closure of that server.