andjey_7777 Unban Request

  • Hi guys!

    Andjey_7777 really don't known about that. We respect the rules and appreciate your contribution to support the servers. We're also trying to help you in this by revealing cheaters and other unfair players. I understand that some players do not like our platoon,but he just didn't know this rule, he recently joined our platoon and it's not his fault that most of our platoon members have good skills and we have excellent pilots. No one warned him and immediately issued a permanent (!) ban. We explained him the rules and once again made an announcement in our platoon about it. Now Andjey_7777 knows the rule and promises never to break it.

    We very much ask for understanding for this situation and unban him. We will make efforts to ensure that none of our members of the platoon don't violates the rules.

    With hope for understanding, thankful in advance for the answer!