• Hi, I'm french sorry for my bad english

    I was banned of your server for roofglitching but i've just spawn on the player for give some ammo but i don't know how i can go up..

    Now i can't play your server because i'm banned...

    I'm so sorry for the desagrement but i've do nothing i have just join a player (77archie) for give some ammo.

    Please read it for doing anything please

    Ps: Sorry for my bad english..i'm french and i just try to help my dad for result the problem

    X/Thank youX/


  • The player BrOw3R just spawned there to help his friend. The ban should be given for "camping". That means, a player should spend some time there to be called a "camper". BrOw3R however, didn't spend time there at all -> not a camper imo. And 12 days is a damn long period for a false ban.

    Additional to this:

    [RN]BoomBoomCali schrieb:

    @cachopelo i didnt named the other player because he just spawned there and jump off the roof right away

    @BigDukeSix danke

    The real camper was 77archie like BoomBoomCali said here.

    But the ban was already given before he texted this. So I think BigDukeSix should unban BrOw3R.

  • To clarify: We don't want people to be on those roofs, period.

    It doesn't matter if you're sniping, dropping ammo/health/beacons or just sitting there doing nothing. Don't go there.

    You can see where teammates are when you want to spawn in, don't spawn there either. Tell them to get off the roof or report them.

    Granted the ban is a bit long for a first offense given the circumstances, 1-3 days or 1 week max would've gotten across the message just fine.

    As we don't have set guidelines for these it's up to the acting admin to determine the length of bans for different things, if you want to contest that and get the duration reduced you'll have to wait for BD6 to reply.