Blackcube7 Ban without reason (I dont know it)

  • Hi there :)


    -"Massive Insulting".

    -I dont know how i got this ban because i didnt play on your servers for like 2 days.I played on the Servers:CeltS and JAH. (I flamed a weapon because i was mad that i "Lost 100k and got a ban for that at the CeltS server)

    -You should unban me because i did not insult any players at your servers. (Or please tell me if i did) but i am pretty sure i did not.

    (I got a ban on your servers before and i did not flame again after that because i didnt want to risk another one)

    I cant find a ban on my metabans profile too.Only the one from the 11th June.

    Have a nice day


  • Yep - My ban, don't see why i should remove it.

    Btw: "Untermensch" is a word used by Neonazis and so massively racist.

    Play somewhere else!

    €dit: Btw i yelled for 2 minutes that you should stop these insultings but you kept going with the last 2. I guess single player is more suitable for you.

  • Hmmm,

    "I dont know how i got this ban"

    Your quotes in detail:

    - You are all fucking retarded with yur gay gas

    - Learn english like normal people with an iq over 10

    - could u shut up?

    - dude shut up

    - noone cares about you

    - Shut e fuck up you noob

    - shut up idiot

    - nope you just suck


    - Untermensch

    - Hurenshne

    - Hurensohn

    - noobystar hurensohn

    No... we really donot know why your are banned... Right....

    Enjoy your ban...

  • Zitat

    hier kann ich auch keine Einträge von gestern finden (Wo ich den Bann bekommen habe) Die sind vom 11.Juni wofür ich meinen Ban ja schon "abgesessen habe" Eine Erklärung wäre hilfreich.

    Das war vom Mai der Ban!!!

    Ich habe für sowas kein Verständnis!

    Mir ist das jetzt total egal.

    Die erste Warnung war am 22.Mai.

    Danach hattest du nach einem unban gefragt weil du da ausgerastet bist.

    Aber danach ging es munter weiter. Und bei solcher Wortwahl mache ich keine Ausnahmen mehr!