Bender_Planet_Ex Bad Language

  • Player : http://battlelog.battlefield.c…et_Ex/stats/350676172/pc/

    Chatlog :…%3A59%3A59%2B02%3A00&pid=

    First he accuse to me of hacking, teleporting et cetera, later saying that i hack because i'm level 34 and i told him that if he knows what legendary feature is and he suddenly

    write " Yeah fucking your mom while your dad is watching us" as you can see at chat time 18:03.

    He was banned before for insults. Bender_Planet_Ex unban request from EA games. (Insult?)


  • To be fair you were provocating him, calling people noobs repeatedly isn't exactly good behaviour from your side either.
    Plus you were typing spanish in chat, which is against the rules.

    Just like in any other game people say questionable things in the heat of battle, it's become somewhat part of the gaming culture by now and as long as it doesn't escalate it's nothing worth punishing someone over.

    If we were to be strict regarding things said we'd have to ban the both of you (and most likely 90% of every player on our servers ever) for language violations but in this case I personally don't see anyone saying things that would be deemed ban-worthy per se.

    Provided that these instances of misconduct don't repeat themselves I'd be content with just reminding people of our rules this time.

  • My 2 cents...

    We all know BFH is an 18+ game so we are aware that insults can happen. And in the heat of the night I also call players noobs occasionally. And yes... when I win a round I state something like EZ or EZPZ... and yes, I also sometimes spray a logo on one of my victims when I do a payback kill. Sorry for that but it happens... Man always be boys...

    BUT, for me personally there is a clear line...

    I donot accept insults regarding to Cancer and other deadly medical diseases, regaring to my family (mothers are popular to swear at), regaring to racism, regarding to nazi stuff, etc. Not to me, not to my team mates and not to any of my opponents...

    For this case... I think it isnot wise to swear like this when you just got unbanned...