Cannot play BFH - hardware problem?

  • Ola,

    I have a problem with my computer. Since last week I cannot play BFH anymore... Nothing changed... Sometime it is possible to play for half an hour but most of the time my computer instantly reboots when I start playing BFH. I narrowed my search to a possible PSU problem but maybe you guys have some bright ideas?

    Tried a lot already:

    - reinstall BFH

    - watch/monitor temperature of my RIG -> nothing strange -> Even with all fans set to 100% manually... same issue...

    - Driver updates of all my hardware (if applicable)

    - No BIOS update (Donot like to do this with a possible PDU problem)

    - Remove NVidia "Management" Suite

    - Play other games... works perfectly... but BFH is my only "large" 3D game I use... Flightsimulator maximum quality... no issue...

    My RIG:

    Asus Z97-HD3 MB

    Intel Core i7-4790K

    Corsair DDR3-1600 (2 x 8GB identical)

    ASUS Strix GTX970 DirectCU II OC

    Samsung SSD 850 EVO - 250GB

    Samsung SSD 840 EVO - 120GB

    Corsair CX750 PDU

    Many thx for your tips!

  • If instant reboot I would also bet on a PSU problem.

    If you got a blue screen it could be RAM / Disk

    But these problems do not seem to be software-related, so I would not recommend installing / uninstalling / updating random stuff...

    You could try disconnecting one of the RAMs and the 2nd disk to lower the power consumption. If it works then it is definitely PSU.

  • Most "weird" issues are caused by faulty PSU. Especially "rebooting issues".

    IF you have another PSU around, test your PC with it, see if it fixes the reboots. Ask some friend for a loaner perhaps. Not even supposedly high quality PSUs are not excluded from failures.

    Quality you can evaluate by checking reviews or just weighting your PSU. Heavier means better quality - more circuitry, filters, heat sinks.