Idle time PB1. (Update/Edit: potential future setup/setting for Idling for all servers)

  • Hi Prylen

    We can't because it is the Idlers are the ones that also help fill the servers.

    (Next to the regulars and random players joining)

    (A ....VERY long awaited idea and solution)

    Exemptions script/rules for Balance Whitelist.

    What I did notice is that there is still the need for the balancer whitelisting exemption script/set-of-rules.

    With this I mean what players whom idle for more then 3 minutes disregarding if they are on the whitelist, get moved and spread between teams for balance.

    This so each team has a balanced number of players whom been Idling for more then 3 mins and this would apply to ANYONE disregarding status/VIP/Admin/Staff/Owner. (now 1 to 75-100 cases there are several idlers on a team)

    With other words IF and WHEN there are 2 players or more being Idle for 3 minutes minimum...

    They get moved to make sure each team has a even number of Idle players with the exemption that when balance is WAY off the Idlers will be used first by balancer to be placed in the winning team.

    This so the game/round evens out with the goal that in the end the tickets are a lot more even.

    (I am the kinda guy trying to achieve 1 ticket difference round...and will keep trying to improve until it's a regular thing in server)

    0. So in order of higher permissions/move powers first;

    (Set of rules/script 1 placed above 2, script/rules 2 being ignored when 1 is active and within bounds of It's rules and numbers / % that is setup within it)

    1. Players get moved when ticket difference is large, Idlers first.

    = Large % difference of round progression between teams, a way off and uneven progress.

    2. Two or more Idling players get balanced and spread between teams.

    = This so each team has the same or relatively even number of players, a difference in number of idlers no greater then 1 with exemption when ticket difference % is large and balance is off on way or another.

    Explanatory for this post; (and not my terminology or view in general....for the largest part of the post/thread)

    Idler = A player or other that is Idle for 3 minutes or more with no score.

    Large ticket difference and unbalance = An amount of unbalance, Ticket difference or other that ends up in a round ending on a gaming server that may (partially) drain a / the server or cause frustration or other unwanted stuff.

    This is it for now and so fas as I could come up with it in a couple minutes.

    Greetz JimDijkstra86NL.... Battlefield veteran and dedicated (BF) "you name it",

    (Will be edited and used as main update post in future)