Banned? Please read first!

  • Hello,

    you should not come to our servers, and you get the message that you were kicked by administrator, please check the following:

    1. Clasp errors out with you. (Will you come to other servers? Do you get a kick only on our servers?)

    2. Go to metabans. There you'll find a list of banned players from us. Can you not find you right there, looking in the search box above your name.
    Should a ban of us are in it, so please note the Ban reason.

    3. Create a theme here with the following structure:

    - Topic Name: "Playername + Problem (Ban reason)"

    - Ingame Name

    - Ban reason

    - What do you think came to the Ban?

    - Why should we unban you?

    - Other remarks

    4. Post your battlereport of the last 2 rounds you were banned (This is a MUST for automatic bans!)


    We will process the latest Create your concerns 2-3 days after.

    Note for the autoadmin: If you are banned from the autoadmin for boosting etc. We only unban you for a processing fee from 5€.

    For info: We do not respond to personal messages, Wall Posts etc. You will only unbanned, if you get in touch here. If you ignore this, we will not react on your appeal

    Best regards

    your PB Clan Team