Term of punishment

  • Can I find out the time of my punishment? And whether it will be possible to get out ahead of schedule for exemplary behavior. Even in prisons, there is such a practice. I understand that I violated the rules, but you also understand me. All people are emotional-some restrained-others do not. I'm an infringer, but do not be so cruel. I hope for your understanding and sympathy. Regards D.<3

  • Thank you. You are a true friend. Only I believe that true players should express their emotions and not play like robots androids. Who breaks the keyboard or monitor. Who is screaming and who is writing in chat.Predstav if there will be silence on the football at Astadion.Zachem Then the game without emotion! Yes, I understand it is necessary to ban cheaters and aimbot though they rarely banite because they are hidden. With respect D

  • I think your temporary bans reads 3 months. You spam the chat with random "????????????????" It makes you look like you're some kind of 10 year old kid. If you write clearly like how you do on this forum then why don't you talk like that in the game? If you talk like normal people then you won't have any issues.

  • You were banned for spamming before. Doesn't take a genuis scrolling through your chatlogs to see why.

    Then you were banned again just recently. Came to us with a proposition to delay your ban by 1 month so that you can enjoy your vacation playing videogames.

    Your request was granted under one condition:

    However know this: If you step out of line again during this time the ban will be permanent with no chance to appeal.

    I thought you were smart enough to lay low for the month and sit out your ban afterwards. Apparently I was wrong.

    As soon as the ban-delay was in effect you were back on the server spamming as usual.

    Now, I don't know what you were thinking. You're either...

    - Incapable of behaving according to our rules


    - Mistaking our leniency towards you for inability to crackdown on rule-breakers


    - Thinking that we're stupid and wouldn't notice.

    Whatever the case may be: You're obviously not suited for playing on our servers.

    The ban is permanent, end of. You had your chance, shouldn't have wasted it.