iZany_BGR weird kills on #PB5

  • He killed me with a pick-up machinegun from C to E with a headshot. Low rank, high score lead me to watch him a bit as you can see here. I couldn't see usual aim snaps but he was using the RPK with a damn high recoil. If you give attention, you can see, he is acting like a noob but still killing. Because the video was so weird and it didn't satisfy me at all, i looked at his BL-Profile.

    As you can see his BFH stats are like 4,66 K/D and 17,44% acc and his BF4 Profile tells me 6,43 K/D with 13,47% acc.

    Metabans is showing 2 bans on different server-groups.

    Special marks on the video:

    *Around 00:10 - Shooting the air but killing the enemy on the ground

    *00:38 - weird kill

    *01:42 - another weird kill

    *01:48 - acting like he is shooting for the first time

    *04:07 - Another weird kill

    *06:00 - I don't even know what he is doing :D Shooting the stars?


    I don't know exactly what this is but thats no skill at all. Some kind of hack for sure. I'll let the admins decide.