Lag problem

  • Hi Guys,

    I was just finish to play on the server and I finish for one reason only CampToKill, Now I dont have problem he camp

    I have big problem with 170-200 ping that make him very lag and everyone think he cheat now I dont know if he do

    I just know he cant be kill I was on is back need full clip to kill him 2 fit from him.

    There is limit that players can keep die cuz is ping .

    I know you guys dont kick for that kind of ping but this just drive player crazy including me

    If you dont like to change ping limit a least kick players that have problem with ping

    you welcome to join TDM and see your self

    Please help us

    Btw he is nice guy but undead guy



  • My ping averages around 160 because I'm from the USA. It's not my fault USA internet speeds are much slower than Europe's. For USA servers, there are only two active servers: 24/7 Block server and Hardcore mixed mode server.

    You can keep arguing about the ping but plenty of other people are able to kill me. I am not bulletproof. I may be bulletproof camping inside a building, but there are windows and doors. There's no server rules nor is there a plugin for "no camping".

    In matter of fact, there is one "no camping" server in BF4. The plugin will tell you if you're standing in the same spot for more than 30 seconds. If you stand in one spot for too long, the server kicks you out with a temporary ban. Luckily for me, the admins of that server banned me instantly when they said my name "Camp to kill" in chat.

  • CampToKill ,

    I can see you dont really understand how its work .

    the problem is not your internet speeds the problem is the distance .

    I have same problem when I try to play on US server and I have very fast internet .

    I dont care you camp I care about the fact the who ever try to kill you dont manage

    everyone complain about you on the server today .

    and with all the respect camping dont give you 90 kill and 21 dead

    As I said your ping kill our game I dont have problem to die I have problem I cant kill someone cuz he is lagg


  • My PC specs:

    Intel Core i7 6700 stock 3.4 Ghz

    16 GB DDR4 ram

    480 GB SSD for OS + Games and 1 TB HDD

    Zotac GeForce GTX 960 4GB

    Windows 10 64-bit

    I play on ultra and high settings at 1920x1080p at around 55-90 frames per second. I don't think my ping would kill your game; it's my skills that it hard for for most people to kill me. Here's the battle report of the round I went 82 kills and 16 deaths on Derailed:


    65 of the kills are from a Semi-Automatic sniper rifle using a 4x custom ACOG scope through the weapon bench.

    Your battle report shows you with 40 kills from a Bolt-action 338-RECON sniper rifle:

    You were relatively easy to find when I see the scope glint on your 6x, 7x, 8x, or 14x scope exposes you while my 4x ACOG scope has no scope glint keeps me alive for much longer. I have 36 shots in one magazine in a RO933 M1 sniper rifle. I can keep shooting at someone until they die. With a bolt-action, you have to headshot the person or they will run to cover and you lose a kill. At the same time, you have to prevent other people from seeing you. You would have to camp inside buildings or behind objects to lean out or peek over.