Rules (Read this first before you play!)

  • The following applies to all #PB Servers

    Note: Our partnerclan [LF] may have slightly different rules, they can be found here: Link follows (e.g. no RPG/Tube on infantry maps)

    For most of you these rules will be natural/obvious, but since we had some violaters we are forced to put this online!

    We may Kill, Kick or Ban you for violation of the following rules without warning!


    - Any violation of the EA-Battlefield (Game) Rules of Conduct will be punished


    - Try to achieve the game objectives (e.g. If you play conquest try to conquer flags)

    - Keep the servers balanced (e.g. dont join winning team all the time, you can use !assist to join loosing team)

    - No Overpowering (if you are an Uber player or platoon switch sides once in a while, if you play our servers empty we will use punishments)

    - No destructive gameplay allowed (blocking cars, driving into redzone, crashing choppers ...)

    - No PermCamping / No BaseCamping (if you dont show effort to obtain the game objective)

    - No BaseRape or SpawnPosRaping (Killing people in their base or permanently camp on spawn points)

    - No Stats-Popping (No Shield-Boost, Repair-Boost, No Killing / Let yourself kill by Friends for KD, weapon assignments ...)


    - Only chat in German or English language (if you permanently violate this we will use punishments)

    - No Insulting of other players or platoons (we ban for bad language)

    - No Racism or Usage of Racist emblems

    - No Drunk Talking, Trash Talking, Bullshitting

    - No Commercial / Promoting Messages


    - No Highroof Camping (you are only allowed to go where you can jump off a chopper)

    - No Usage of Glitches (crawl into walls, shoot through walls ...)

    - No Usage/Abuse of any Game Error/Bug in general

    - No Spectator-Abuse


    - No Cheats of any kind are allowed (Any kind of game-hack is forbidden and end in immediate PermBan)

    - No Macros are allowed to get you any kind of game-advantage (NoRecoil, Q-Spamming...)


    - Dont steal vehicles from teammates while they repair (if you spawn in a vehicle check situation first)

    - Dont shoot ammo- or medic-boxes from your teammates if they are in use / players using it

    - Dont revive players that are still under fire (especially not with 20% loaded)

    Anything that is free from common sense - and is not listed here yet

    = Under Construction =