PB Community - About us

  • Hi Battlefielders,

    we are game-enthusiasts who want to provide you a platform to play Battlefield (Hardline).

    The PB stands for "Pfaelzer Buwe" meaning "Palatinate Boys" the nicest region in Germany!

    We were founded as a fun-clan and became a community. We have partner clans and partner platoons that help us on our mission!

    If you have fun on our servers, come join our Teamspeak server (ts3.pb-clan.de).

    From bricklayer to lawyer, from 18 to 99 - anyone can join us if you have the same goal: To Have Fun Playing Battlefield!

    As you know Hardline is the least popular Battlefield game and so the smallest community - yet we love it!

    The server is financed by individuals, clans and platoons - and we need any help to keep the game alive!

    You can assist us by donating, buying VIP-slots or sponsoring (ask for it in the forum).

    Thank you for taking your time getting to know the hosts.

    We wish you a lot of fun on our server!

    The PB-Clan

    Special thanks to:

    # Our Sponsors:

    + Antitoxis (founder)

    + LF Clan (our partners)

    + R4YL Platoon (international forces)

    + Bill Killgor (a surf rookie)

    # Our Donators: here

    # Our VIP's

    # and of course all the 400K + player who played here