• Haha It's funny to watch but his actions are not very clever!

    He tries to trap the enemy chopper but as long as it is not piloted it is not accessible, it surprises me that he doesnt know it.

    Unfair I do not know, but he does not spend all his time doing this, he has the right to have a little fun, it's just a game it's not real life xD ..

    I have often played against him and I appreciate that it is difficult to have!

    Thank you for your interest in this game:!:


  • He is base raping the other team by planting sabotage on the enemy's heli in their spawn. Someone spawns in the heli and flies up then they die instantly.

  • 3 things wrong here.

    1. he continuously base-rapes over and over, there is never a good enough reason for that.

    (With the exceptions of fiends vs friends in servers barely having activity....doing it both sides canceling out effects, I don't think our servers allow it because we would prefer of choppers only be used for re-balancing a game in such situation)

    (One accidental kill here or there throughout ones history we generally do not approve but méh,...dont do it again and you're fine)

    2. he keeps handing friendly vehicles TO the enemy which can have to potential of causing off-balance in the ticket count & the game.

    3. Chooses to kéép moving INTO red-zone to attack...that we don't approve @ any time I can think of.

    (if he did it ONLY to destroy bóth choppers this way while on low-server-player-count and his team was losing ánd no-one else died...shit/dick moves but héy.....FÓR the sake of balance, not too bad of a move and probably better then using a chopper VS other team not being allowed usage of a chopper)

    I purpose a (future)"kick on join" with reason; "Please avoid playing in a disruptive style, keep balance visit PB-Clan.de for explanation"

    All we ask for is to keep it Fun4Áll, that includes anything that could set anyone off....anything the majority cares for/of.

    If it only is one player...It could still matter if the argumentation is decent to good.

    (In the end anything that helps even potentially keeping BFH alive another month (in the future) is more then welcome) ;-)

    In the end "Keep it Fun4All" is my motto and disruptive game play of any kind or style that might/may get a server REKT = removal of some sort.

    Keep working on your english...If you keep it up and ánd your english improves (a lot) over time.....you míght just make it to becoming an admin cachopelo ;-)

    TY for the good work in general and remarks in here. (Which I think is safe to say, from the LF & PB staff teams)

    See you on the BF Folks, Greetings Jimmy D