Beiträge von Blondin

    Hello everyone,

    thanks for the serv.

    i play since 5 years or more on your serv.

    thanks for your serv and job.

    i'm French, am 31 yo,

    i saw a big pb today that i take time to write.


    around 18h00 18h10

    map ; evegaldes

    pb : a player is call : ZYKLON

    is the gaz to kill juden during WW2...

    i say it in public chat on serv...

    the admin : light boy :

    told me : no pb, its ok, no pb...

    i'm chock from france, i took 10 mn tio register and post and tell u.

    thanks for answer.

    i cant admit it.

    kiss and gg gor serv and play.