Beiträge von Fiszaaa

    Why did you closed the topic, not everything was explained?

    I don't use any cheats, I have no knowlegde how to use such things.

    Maybe my mouse "Bloody V" can be the reason norecoil?

    This mouse has such option but I don't use it, it is not switch on. The mouse is instaled on standard drivers in windows 10.

    Antoher thing is that my monitor is 4K option, that's way I can see the enemies from the long distance and FAL which is OP needs only few shots to kill wounded guy.

    I cant play on other servers because they are empty.

    As I undersdtand you want me to record a video, but I don't know if I should record my monitor during playing or capture screen when I'am playing?

    I'm sorry, but I completly don't understand what are you writting to me.

    Pls explaine me where are my mistakes. I play this game for cuple of years and I think that I'm good at it.

    I can see the enemies on minimap and I can hear them in my headphones.

    FAL is OP, but it isn't a reason to block me.

    There are nothing on this clips that can show that I hack the game.