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    You do this in here, on the Forum.
    SO....ONLY English or German In-Game...
    And ONLY on Website/Forum @ Battlefield Section; Post/Thread/Reply in German> (Optionally; Russian 1 on 1 translation/original/version below your German Post/Thread)
    Post/Thread/Reply in English> (Optionally; Russian 1 on 1 translation/original/version below your German Post/Thread)

    You learned the lesson, You may be Unbanned as promised as soon as you understand "Njet Ruski in-Game" ;-)

    RuslanFlex!, Next Ban IS VERY LONG!, Please make sure you don't Violate/break ANY Rules or Policies.
    Sincerely Thank You for taking the Time to change and make a difference!, Wrather warn then Punish any day, any time...Untill it's too Late too warn.
    You where here JUST in time, near permban...NOW back on Warn/Kick first with me. ;-)

    So to all, If he Understand our !Rules and policies and understands next Ban is VERY LONG, Please Un-Ban him. TY

    (Sry, have not studied Russian, not even a little for 10+ years)
    (Now I am too busy on Learning Deutsch/German and working on improving my English vocabulary and german little too)

    Greetings, Jimmy D (86NL)........Only have Mercy to Those who listen AND change, Or have a DARN good reason not to. (Barely ANY Reason is Good Enough) ;-)

    Hi Guys....

    Can we set it so we create a "No Ping" group @ BFCP allowing any Head Admins to add players by managing Lists @ Groups "Roles" @ BFCP
    Best in my opinion is 1x/6 months Log-proof of Ping validation.
    This to prevent unfair ping lag by hidden pings.

    [hidden]Explanation/idea how to deal with pingers to keep FairPlay and avoid Hidden High Pingers]
    (Allowing high ping'ers who managed to hide there ping is bad for long term results)
    Even VIP's should be Ping validated in my (personal) opinion. (Got future project/ideas for this)
    Command prompt can still be executed by (auto)script correct?
    Allow uploading and run script on game launch, then end user uploads Logs...(Within 7 days?)
    This containing Logs pings during Playtime....(to server Rack or Same Host/Data-center, So Locally/Local (VPN) Network of game servers)
    That validates that the player does not ping and does not have it turned off in Local settings.
    (Many will keep trying this and we end up with massive amount of high ping'ers not displaying there ping, hidden pings)
    Don't mind being blocked if "Ping" is in reason and user is on White-list

    I say IF needed 1x donation as 1x administration fee? (Only IF needed of course/obviously)
    And can we Setup Manual to ping Servers?
    (Maybe even Ping players/users on the Stats Page IF not ping'ing in-game.
    (So auto ping-log those who are on "Missing Ping" role/group)
    This to allow For Future Scripts and auto kicks from groups if mass complaints flush in and/or if Mass Ping spikes are continues when they are using the Stats Page. (Based on WAY above average of member group, learning script?)

    Should be history with new setup's/host. ;-D
    Been good, Fun and reliable almost continuously, TY for that!

    (MAYBE the Database could use a limit on Stats page when hitting "save")
    If many changes are made it causes Very High Hardware utilization/usage I think, probably why it stalled and crashed last time.(Procon layer/AdKats)
    The other reason could be that it Reads data AND re-writes data LIVE in stead of when/on hitting "save" button. (Did got/had that impression at the time due to delayed/latent response)

    Hi Folks

    Sry for my VERY l8 reply.
    (PC must have crashed with BSOD, get that a little too much)
    I already types a VERY long post explaining it all but I keep getting distracted by requests on TeamSpeak....
    I had a post reasy for review>then post it seems I keep failing. (Wish I could restore up to 3 Drafts per posts, untill posted a draft)

    Anyhow, lemme go over it again.

    The reason for my behavior was 1, MANY warnings where given publicly 2, you have a history of Punishment by our admin(s).
    3. When players become regulairs I(we) expect them to stick to the !Rules.
    4. if you get warned or punished, Google why if you have a hard time with the !Rules...
    It seems you blame me for punishment by Admin (me in 4 cases) while YOU are voilating/break ing our !Rules and policies...
    Don't blame an admin because your language skills are short. (Don't mean this offensive, Just don't complain if you don't know what it says in the !Rules)

    Bans will continue on ANYONE violating our !Rules, we cannot allow that continuesly.

    I have 47 years to do kid stuff, just have fun with friends and play BTF,

    This administrator has not had a good day today, and paid the players their moodiness server.

    1. I know what it can be like, I managed Communities with minor's, we got a couple here too.
    (Only those with mature behavior are welcome, they DO get a extra chance/warning to adapt if/wheree needed)
    2. My name states "86NL" meaning; Born in year 86 (30YO ATM) NL for Netherlands as is my nationality...
    No kid here, just having expectations from players...especially users/players with a history.(explained below)
    3. The reason for my behavior was ;
    3.1, MANY warnings where given publicly, also personally by !Punish Command.
    3.2, you have a history of Punishment by our admin(s)., meaning you arent new and punished before..YET you violate/break !Rules again. ;-(
    3.4, It is relatively simple to (get/have someone) install something to take screenshots, it allows to translate 1-1 even russian however...that would take me forever thus me avoiding Russian servers.

    Oh yes, I have sent you a report for language yesterday.

    TY, revan, English and German are Mandatory indeed.

    Jajajajja.thanks, I have no guilt that you be as susceptible as a child

    It is a game and if someone kills you should not bother ;)

    Is it Judgement?, or your lack in language skills?
    YES!, My spanish is SH*T ;-)
    Don't mean I dont translate or get someone to help translate to deal with stuff.

    For spam Spanish, its forbidden on the server.

    Exacty why you did !Repot PACOPIL1968

    both annoying speak Spanish, they did a question and answer to the Spanish who did, only help the player, so upset?

    IF you ever want to speak other language's ALWAYS ask permission from Admin!
    Violating/Breaking !Rules on ANY server = Punish by Admin. so...if you want to help.>
    Join TeamSpeak (Google Translate is your friend)>
    (Always Join TeamSpeak if you need admin or me, not there?, ask me to Join TeamSpeak)
    Ask for help or permission TO help translate to prevent punihsment by Admin.>
    Get help from admin, prevent punihsment and get + !Rep from admin. (If !Rep/Admin available)
    Even gain plus points and Reputation @ Admin/Staff and MAYBE earn VIP again.

    it is ok, if you speak spanish in team chat. But it is not ok, if you speak spanish in public chat.

    (This is referring to Private Squad Chat, Not whole team publicly)
    TY for fast reply Dirk,
    My posts keep failing on browser crashes and dataloss @ BSOD and Browser fails, I get that 10+ times a week...
    Which explains a LOT of drafts by me but 1--> None gets posted ;-(, Sry and apoligies for the inconvience.

    If you can Explain us the !Rules for the servers because you understand what they mean and stand for...then YES!
    (Feel free to ask for help!)
    Everyone has to obey/stick (to) the !Rules and policies of [PB], disragarded of the language they speak.
    We cannot manage foreign Language's, hence we got the restriction about language's.
    (I will-be/am working on admin policies how to deal with things, still in test stage/fase but will become written before 2017 IF we can)

    Antitoxis, on page metabans you say it was you who ban me?

    This is serious??

    This means ANY member/admin has banned you.
    When you get removed form a server, you get a reason. (make sure browser is set to 50%-80% zoom level so you can read all of it)
    You can get Unbanned by me, NP...

    Just create a reply post/thread here with you explaining how the !Rules work.
    (Or get on TeamSPeak and talk with someone explaining the !Rules to you (With translator?)",
    when they confirm here you know the !Rules from now on, you get unbanned "No Problem(o)" ;-)

    Hope to see you in-game again in the Future, Greetings Jimmy D(86NL)

    Hi RuslanFlex01

    As I understand you do not speak/Read/write English or German.
    Please use a translator to make sure you ALWAYS INCLUDE English or German FIRST.(Or ask for help, ONLY Russian is NOT allowed anywhere @ PB)

    Your ban STAYS UP until you UNDERSTAND and you KNOW our !Rules.
    AND apologize for continues violation/breaking of our !Rules and policies in server.

    English or German only means NO RUSSIAN (in-game)
    IF people ALWAYS include English or German version FIRST before adding Original language and use 1-1 translation I allow it @ BF section of the forum.
    (THAT is the ONLY exception and ONLY on the Forum)

    Greetz Jimmy D(86NL)

    Edit Update: Un-Banned As soon as known with Rules and Policies of PB.

    Hi Folks

    AGAIN RuslanFlex ignored !Rules and used chat in Russian.
    I T-banned him again for Permanently this time, he needs to learn and apologize @ this forum...enough people speaking/reading/writing Russian and English/German.
    Usually results in many people taking foreign language's...Very frustrating for our admins.

    Please stick to these;
    1. IF unbanned, FIRST Apply 2 month in-game !Mute English or German ONLY after; <End date>, !Mute active until then.
    2. Perm-ban UNTLL written apologies @ Forum.

    TY in advance, Greetz Jimmy D

    Hi Guys

    Hmm..dunno if I can organize it to be there @ all but yeah...en of december is unlikely for most I think.
    And 3rd of october is a monday correct? ( that octoberfest time/period?!) :P^^:P

    Hope to be able to be there and see you folks,
    Greetings; A very hairy and currently and full bearded man. :P;):D:thumbup:

    Temp reply/post. (will be deleted after fully done updating first one)
    Need to read up on this one and add stuff and sort it out, much missing on first impression(took quick look/overview) and much can be tighter/More properly sorted for increased/better readability(in bi-language).
    Takes me time and BOUND I will forget, miss it in near future :-D (Remind me if not edited/updated in a week or 2) ;-)
    Post/Thread was moved from Administrator section, To> BFH> Suggestions / Feedback, This since now we got BF Admin ControlPanel Webpage/Minisite to set it all up. (ASAP)
    Greetz, Jimmy D

    Hi Guys

    The solution for the balancer to Almost / nearly always work and fail A LOT LESS is simply by disabling! Move and! F Move commands for everyone EXCEPT main admin group: such as staff and staff assistants.
    (^ Assistants are Staff with higher rank / status report hidden from public to avoid getting spammed them .... rather have more staff and couple only available for members / staff internally then running short on hands)
    If slightly more effort is done by using! Join <player name> to join a squad / team then use! Pull <player name> to move players around.
    (Admins / Admin Assistants MUST notify players Personally or warning in public in case of manual server balance, commands work as FORCE kill then pull and as Force open Squad then Joining squad / team IF not full)
    Why? ... Auto Balancer will disable on ANY kind of move command OTHER then! Join and! Pull for minimum of 10 minutes to avoid players being moved back by admin.
    THEREFORE! Move related commands shoulderstand ONLY be available for trusted admin groups,
    this to avoid situations of unbalance due to (temp) disabled balancer))
    ((Or balancer calling quits all together due to plugin / Adkats crash, only a few @ PB can restart it Resulting in PB reputation harm and server drainage + server rank (ings) plummeting down the global stats / leaderboard))

    I hope soon to write / have a Admin Manual for in-game commands, for this I need people with time and skills on English to start with, translation can come later. ((Thinking about the Future Large translation project (s) to translate everything related to PB, rewarding high effort users with VIP or other benefits / perks))
    I have been THEREFORE "think tank" working and researching on other admin (BF) related improvements for PB, but lets take 1 at a time.

    Hi there,

    Ty for the introduction. (someone remind me to change to name of the Forum section...I will probably forget) ;-)
    Keep up the good work reporting players (and users) and you will come a long way...maybe even earn some perks along the way. ;-)
    Also...maybe become a member as soon as you got some extra spare time to spend with us on our teamspeak.?
    (I personally rather have people joining as member when they got holidays and more time for TS to properly get to know each other, it's not required but helps A LOT)

    Have had the pleasure to have a talk with this guy/player..seems like a solid good guy.
    I am pretty sure also good for some fun (In-Game). ;-D
    So far, when time comes +1 from me for admin assistant and if enough on teamspeak for a while with our main members...+1 on In-Game Admin access.
    (Disclaimer; Assuming I seen "the real deal" and not some played personality)

    Greetz and see you on our TeamSpeak...and in-game if I end up having time 2 play ;-), Jimmy D

    Hi Folks, plan was, short reply.....ended up typing my fingers till a hand flipped me the middle one ;-P ;-)

    This guy have clan tag VARF?

    Dunno you can now easily look up the player/user on our Stats minisite @

    nice plan jim, but i hope that even then u will follow up on their abilities as an admin.

    This all depends on the time we got @ staff and if we can find Users/Devs with abilities and time regarding PHP, SQL and scripting/automation....(most needs to be created, most basics ((including API's) are there)....what remains is people with to much time left/remaining. ;-) ))
    I got a guy for this but he is WAY too busy so we really need more people with skills on this to get it to work. English as preferred minimum language requirement, German as minimum COULD work but would run into time limitations since I got WAY more time on my hands then most people @ PB, Basic English and proper German language skills would be an advantage.
    This since I got (basic) Pre-School german language skills most of the time...
    (Shitty memory, memorize like an elephant BUT retrieving memories is shit one week, day, moment, hour....and awesome like some supercomputer the next)

    Hoping this explains it basically and helps understanding the idea even if it's just a grain of sand on the Desert that will be the project of creating Admin Assistant platform.
    Many have told/asked me....We will have/host BF1 servers and BFH will die (don't it?)... Nope in my opinion/experience since that is BL and highly developed @ admin system level and it will take a "I hope, VERY long" while before it is dead ALSO because the gap in requirements on performance @ HW level.

    That is besides what I heard from a few insiders that periodically look me up.....
    My ears catched something of BL not being supported no more last year. (Which was advised by many the years before, due to random reported issues as well as Browsers using much needed resources (while playing), my Firefox install was able to draw spikes of 30% of CPU @ OC 3.7ghz i7 950 soc.1366...A LOT for a browser despite my extreme usage scenarios. (HUGE nr of tabs and several windows, still drooling over 990x CPU which I fail to buy time after time)
    (USED to be active with BL, DICE, Visceral, EA and Origin Devs @ internal level, helping out improving systems and services, one of them being BL platoon chat and Server Tab, hopefully next Friends Management @ BL and/or Origin) ...............................................................................................................................................................................

    Whoops...chips, there I go again..."chatty (too elaborate) rampage" ;-P
    Before I realised it and knew it....typed a full page while SHOULD have been working on stuff for PB,...I guess 10 ours nothing else is a long session for an average joe. (which I am trying to become a little again, downsizing time from the online gaming "junky" I once was...guess it takes time for it to become a habit ;-))

    Greetz, jimmy D

    Hi Everyone

    If you have any suggestion for us to Reply here, please reply to this thread/post. (As long as commonly used like other ones.
    Also if you would like us to create a section with Manuals/How-To's please notify me via PM.
    (Starting with those related to the PB Clan and Download section,
    Eventually I will create a separate forum section that includes all manuals and How-To tutorials when we got many online and detailed. (+ Multi-language/translated)

    Hi Lompiie (and Folks in general)

    As soon as I have the time I will request some extra's making many things eay'er for staff (And members/Users if installed.
    If nothing shows up before October....Please remind me that I setup a thread/post for it.
    (Keep up the good work, the Forum/website is already awesome so far!) ;-)

    Greetz and many thanks, Jimmy D

    Hi there

    TY for the Post

    Banned for 1 month or until specific proof has been posted in here. (Got very limited time and many hands is what makes light work,
    If YOU got the definitive proof WE got a "hammer" for it ;-) )

    Ban period; September 8, 2016 5:09 PM – October 8, 2016 5:09 PM
    Proof of innocence obviously will end in almost ASAP unban.

    PS; Admin panel is up on our Stats page, we can now relatively easily manage servers and bans.
    (Reminds me, we now got 8 servers...I think we should have servers with LIVE K/D limits, based on in-game/live K/D of the rounds the are playing, not kicking untill threshold so EVERYONE limiting there K/D can still play there)
    The User/member/VIP/Staff successfully getting a vote up and running and completed MAY/MIGHT get a 1 month VIP.
    (Disclaimer; Staff will decide together/internally IF it was worth it and good/accurate enough to provide VIP slot...more effort equals/= more chance...also in my personal book on future projects ;-) )

    Greetz Jimmy D

    +1 Registered @ Admin site/Panel. ;-)

    Please when following up with info include the registering procedure in full. (As soon as when you got time for this of course, No rush...VERY grateful for having it installed!!! ;-)

    TY and Greetz, Jimmy D

    (Could/Can we make it mandatory to have a chat with any new enlisted Admin to show them around and help out AND show them the ways of what is OK to do and what is NOT OK and what is OK to DO in-game as admin?)
    (Someone could write a manual for this, once complete they COULD/MAY be rewarded by/with 1 month VIP for the effort. :-)

    Preferred would be, to have Admins on TeamSpeak DISREGARDED if they talk, chat or are non-responsive and not willing to help, so they are up-to-date LIVE and CAN be contacted At Least by PB staff when needed.Personally I prefer to see mandatory TeamSpeak joining of ANY active in-game admin. (To improve PB reputation on long term and decrease load on ALL PB staff so they have the MUCH needed time to help members and users overall)
    This because then there are admins there to help 80% of the time (Helping NOT mandatory) or at least listening to PREVENT 2x punishments on players by admins. (happens more then 90% of "BF" admins in general are aware of, if you can't hear/see other admins)

    Spotted player online again, pls report here if he violates again....

    @Ruslanflex; Next up is 3 MONTH ban MINIMUM.
    I sincerely ho[e that will motivate the player enough to stick with our rules and policy's.

    Ruslan, PLS take the Hint, punishment only get's harder, Bans only longer.

    I am working on a project so in future USERS can become admin by perfect behavior. (Admin assistants, the more !rep in-game and @ website the more powers they gain)