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    Ping kicker decreases with popularity.

    The lesser populated server (like 20/64) have much higher ping-limits than when you join 64/64.

    VIP-Slot prevents you from ping-kick, though.

    Hi B4n4n45p1i7, thank you so much for the fast reply,

    See, but that's kinda strange, because yesterday I'm joining #PB1 & #PB4 with 40-50 players but didn't get kicked.

    I might wanna give it a shot again, but I'm too afraid because in the server description, 3 times i get kicked, I'll be banned (?) Haha


    Im kinda new here, forgive me if this thread seems out of place, and english isn't my native language.

    So recently I've been playing BF Hardline on #PB1 and #PB4 server (since thats the only server which are populated) with no problem, even with my 250+ ping (asia region), never got kicked. But today... when I'm joining the server I've got kicked like immediately (ping limit warning flooded my chat).

    Okay so... i know and im sorry, im not supposed to join the server because I'm in different continent and ruin low ping players experience, but wouldn't it be better if the servers admin increase the ping limit ? Or perhaps even remove them altogether ? BFH player count isn't great, I'm just try to populate it even more :).

    There's one #JP server but it always empty, hope you guys consider my humble request, I'm sure there's a lot of players out there want it too. Thanks.

    Best Regards,