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    no I think it is good how it is now. I think people just want to be appointed admin. There is a good balance here between players and administrators. Like they say administrators cannot be online 24/7 to babysit. Also for saying you see admins on and they did not ban person immediately, I notice sometimes website gets bugged and it says people are online but they are not. It does this to my account too, even though I logged out. So if you see admin is online he may not be.


    Thank you for explaining, that is odd I thought admins here were PB admins, since website name is PB-clan. This is worrying, the fact that PB admins are oblivious about this situation and not addressed it anywhere, and they seem to make matters worst by removing 2 maps, such as the Everglads and Riptide.

    You wont get them back... I PMed one of the admins to please look into adding more maps but I didn't even get a reply saying No. Playing the same 3 maps (most of the time it only 2 maps Dust Bowl and Down Town) is just boring. I already seen people complaining about it but wont matter.

    Yep, hes a hacker and a racist. cachopelo has caught him and so have I. He quit so no one record and he always complains about "people still using aimbot". He's mentally challenged.

    pArAdiGm ShIfT

    He's probably your freind. Anyway Im not saying he should be banned, but warned. I knew it was a old Battlefield. But still you ignore the fact he called him a communist and he announced it just because he was Russian clearly racist, not out of vengeance stop lying with that, if he was UK or something else he wouldnt announce that he killed him. He also said there were no "Russian arse9oles" on whatever other Battlefield he was talking about. You ignore the fact he was till acting racist, because he is your friend most likely. And the fact you say some of the stuff he said had "credence" makes me think you may be racist as well.

    So you agree with, "Russians keep aimbot market in business", "cry commi.. enjoy the stabbing", "Russian arse9oles". These have truth? Not even. You said he has some "credence" when speaking about Russians pick one or all of the mentioned above. Either way he knew the rules and knew what he was saying is wrong. Yes he is mad, about something I don't know but should never use race as an argument or insult.

    1: B0BMARL8Y


    3: He is being racist towards Russians and calling them communist and assholes. He did it for half the round at Downtown and did it more when he was on Dust and left and he is well aware of rules because when someone spoke another language B0BMARL8Y said, read the rules only German and English.


    In this first picture I wasn't able to capture everything but he was agreeing with someone that Battlefield Hardline sucks and he was saying Battlefield 1942 is better because there are not any "Russian arse9oles".

    Then next round in Downtown he felt the need to announce that he stabbed and killed some guy and he only did so because the guy he killed said he was Russian and also took offense to what he was saying last round on Dust.

    It's a little blocked off but he said "cry commi.. enjoy the stabbing".

    5: http://battlelog.battlefield.c…5301328192/1003701915182/

    6: #PB 4 | best Dust & Down | 150%Tix

    Ok I understand now, do you know where I can see server list? I had servers on favorites and now they are all gone even non PB servers, I cannot find the other PB servers and I want to donate so I can play on those servers and not be kick.