Beiträge von Deirzy

    Hey i changed it, could you check it out now

    strike #1 wrong form

    strike #2 texted me directly

    strike #3 not seeing a mistake, only complaining about others

    You're out

    1. Yeah wrong form cuz i didn't know where was the right one, and tried to ask ppl.. until one admin added me back and helped me

    2. Still trying to figure out how to start a thread and where, about which i apologized many times, until the other admin helped me

    3. Wasn't complaining about anyone, literally just told the backstory to why i used bad language.


    - Topic, Playername+problem (Ban Reason): Deirzy, permanent ban, Bad Language.

    - Ingame Name: Deirzy

    - Ban Reason: Bad language

    - What come with the ban?: Don't quite understand question

    - Why should you unban me: I really love this game and i would often be populating the server, and i really don't want to buy this game to another account already had to do that with bf4 because of some false punkbuster stuff

    - Other remarks: -