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    I utterly dislike Wurm and Elite Wurm but this guy is not cheating. Just good. Have had clashes with him and also teamed up with him few times. He is one with good experience and one you can loosely team up with. Also he does not slow you down.

    Consider the fact that player gets input not only from screen but also from (often 7.1 directional) sounds and experience. This affects what player does often without visible reason.

    I noticed another metaban handed out to obvious non-cheater (Big-M267). Played in team with the guy for more than month teaming up since his clan starte playing BF1. Often he did worse than I did and was just nice guy. has "reputation" figure for each and every player. Majority have it at0. Some have positive numbers but it looks like most players with past misdeeds have reputation numbers in negative. Be it hacking, chat spamming or insulting an admin.

    Would it be possible to build voting system up in a way that players with negative reputation CANNOT initiate kick/banvote?

    It would probably reduce votes started with malicious intent quite a lot.

    Or some player may even start vote against random other player in order to block out possible vote being started against him.

    If you dislike new Origin client and liked old one more, you can easily get it "back".

    Close Origin (as of Exit), then go into Origin's installation folder using some file manager or other, select Origin.exe, right mouseclick Properties and apply Windows Vista SP2 compatibility mode on it. Then, after starting Origin again, it announces that it has an update. Let it update itself, close it and restart it.

    Voila, now you got the old client back. Besides little nagging (one time happenstance) about old operating system, it works fine.

    Stumbled upon it accidentally and thought I'd share.

    Most of them know how to switch between keyboard layouts by using shortcuts. At least guys who speak any English at all. Takes less than sec. Some abide by the rules (Fish-ka98) and only use English outside Squad chat but they are like 1%. 99% share their emotions and "fags/bitches/fucks" that follow those with everyone else in the server over public chat. Even when telling them in Russian to use English or German in public chat, because they are not in a Russian server, all you'd get back is bunch of insults or be ignored.

    Would it be possible to introduce force-mute or blanket-kick when anything in cyrillic has been typed? Like inserting single cyrillic characters into chat filter.

    First, I am just another player in PB servers but I do hate cheaters..

    I'll try to explain my chain of logic.

    Usually bolt action sniper rifiles have higher head shot/kill ratio.

    • Bolt actions have lousy rate of fire and you would need headshot for sure kill
    • So majority of players are trying to aim for the head and due to weapons low rate of fire, have to have more "peaceful" location (translates: have more time for making the shot). Which means higher HS/k and lower kpm.

    Semiautomatic rifles are

    • more inaccurate (higher bullet deviation and you have to be much closer to the enemy)
    • have much higher rate of fire

    • do much less damage compared to bolt actions

    As a result, players generally using semi-automatics go for "center of mass" aim and just spew bullets trying to do as much damage as fast as possible. It's easier than trying for head shots against incoming fully automatic gunfire from enemies.

    So, crushing majority of players for these reasons have much higher Hs/K ratio for bolt action snipers, compared to semiautomatic sniper rifles.


    Your bolt-action sniper rifle

    • general accuracy is 29.06%
    • HS/k is 68.91%
    • with the 1,63 kills per minute as average


    • general accuracy 19,69%
    • HS/k 75,10 %
    • with the kills per minute 2.20

    So, you suddenly had worse general accuracy with SOCOM (which is logical) but noticeably more headshots while you killed much faster at the same time? Latter is a contradiction. I'd accept it if you killed slower, meaning you had to aim and take shots.

    I do not even mention unnaturally high rate of kills or points per minute overall. It's way above average player or even good ones.

    If hitting heads with a semiauto was so easy (killing enemies 25,9% faster) then why did you not manage hitting heads as well with bolt-actions which are far more accurate weapons? It's contradiction explained easily if one plays bunch of times legit with a bolt action and and then starts using bot carefully.

    Yeah, it could be that you sucked earlier, had old computer or something with a poor fps or whatever. But it's usually "if it quaks like a duck, then it is a duck". Meaning if one's stats indicates cheater, then it usually is a cheater.

    Btw, there are other stats about your soldier which are fishy-looking.

    About rank, yeah sorry. Checked a "legendary" buddy stats on same site and saw similar pattern of "losing bunch of levels".

    Yeah, hack is a program, hooking to a game and controlling it to a bigger or smaller degree. Bunch of sites in net are selling "private" hacks (subscription based service pretty much), some cheaters are developers themselves and have made their own. Punkbuster can mostly detect only the dumbest, using public hacks (often loaded with malware).

    For the rest, it's up to an admin. Smartest cheaters could look like real good players, aimbot enchancing their accuracy perhaps 10-15% and leaving rest up to their own fingers.

    Surge of hacking in BFH is probably related to cheap game prices and slight raise in popularity. Majority are sticking to BF4

    Did not like BF1 Beta anyway.. Felt like StarWars:1918

    I think that without PB-clan servers, BFH would be alot less played. I personally kept almost half a year pause before I found your servers. I hope you can keep it up in future. You are pretty much providing "core servers" to play in for PC platform for much wider area than Europe nowadays. One only has to check for amount of players from other continents on global map @ Much appreciated and hearty Thank You for it.

    Please run some additional checks on this player.

    I was killed three times by him and it felt very screwy.. logic following:

    a) twice out of three times, he was impossibly far off for the weapon he was using. For example, in Dust Bowl, I was checking the rocks behind Meth Lab (hunting snipers near map border), he killed me from Motel staircase using SAR-21 assault rifle. Sudden death from full health and killcam. From such a distance, he had to hit me with more than single bullet even with a head shot (bullet damage fall-off due distance) but if he did, those bullets had to have next to no deviation at all, which would extrapolate to player using an aimbot.

    b) he seemed to die only in cars being destroyed by breaching charges and transport helicopters, not by direct gun fire.

    c)sample battle report [http://battlelog.battlefield.c…56745082912960/177888014/]. Checking the battle report I noticed few more screwy data points..

    I noticed he was this round awarded with 16x Headshot Coins and 8x Assault Rifle Coins.

    Each Headshot Coin is awarded for making 3 kills in a round by head shot. Each Assault Rifle Coin is awarded for making 6 kills using an assault rifle.

    It means, between 48 and 50 (17th HeadShot Coin may have been left uncompleted) kills from his 53 kills by SAR-21 this round were accomplished by head shots. Which is inhuman.

    I fed his ID trough your stats page and another player has reported him for an aimbot in past (August 22, player pumpingiron1975) flags him as "suspicious" []

    His Head-shot-kill statistics for many other weapons, not only for SAR-21 indicate him using an aimbot

    There are TON of QCL servers, literally no servers that run Hotwire and Downtown/Dust. Well, except for WURM server, which needs sorta masochist mentality to play in (admins kick/ban everyone who play well and hurt their personal stats). Yours was a gem.

    Just noticed how your server now runs QCL.. made me backpedal in a hurry. Reason I also registered in here.

    TDM - over 32 players in Block is overkill, it's just players dying largely at random and best campers win.