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    Punkbuster at least has no effect on a private hack. Means, if you write a hack, PB wont detect it. It's like antivirus, reacting to known signatures only. Most subscription hacks fall also into that department because Evenbalance won't subscribe for paid hacks. Punkbuster is mostly effective against public hacks, freely downloadable to promote some "subscription product". Thus PunkBuster is only half-effective. No clue about Fairplay. Any defense can be circumvented though.

    Short story. Noticed yesterday evening that every time I met particular player I got killed by headshot, After being headshot by the fith time, inlcuding one encounter where he successfully killed (in a fraction of a second) 2 out of 3 players attacking his hideout behind bridge's support post - I asked him about it. It stunk.


    Unit-RX400 closing in, barely see you and bang hs closing in, barely see you and bang hs February 17, 2018 12:35 AM
    Unit-RX400 and in few situations you really havent had time for proper aim even,, like 3 guys are February 17, 2018 12:35 AM
    Unit-RX400 its not like I present it February 17, 2018 12:34 AM
    Unit-RX400 kinda suspicious February 17, 2018 12:34 AM
    Unit-RX400 was 5th headshot from you...


    CavyIIIV ive been playing the game since it came out on xbox February 17, 2018 12:35 AM
    CavyIIIV easier kill February 17, 2018 12:34 AM
    CavyIIIV i aim for heads homie February 17, 2018 12:34 AM

    I started looking at his stats. Then tried to spectate him but he left by the time I got game restarted as a spectator. Some hours later I spotted him again in the server, shut down my own game and restarted it in spectator mode.


    • Headshots / Kills percentage 42,02% overall (for comparison cachopelo's, whom we know to be an awesome player, is 12,9%).
    • Fires his weapons at random, probably to get weapons accuracy statistics downwards.
    • Picks up kits of killed enemies - to have wider spread in statistics? I haven't seen anyone else doing that (except when one is out of ammo or has to revive using buddy's kit - but not "kill someone, pick up his kit, kill someone with it, pick up next kit".
    • Seems to turn his bot, if he has it, on and off. It would make sense if he in fact, has hack but wants to not stand out.

    Raw footage: (I don't have a clue how to embed YT video here). Quality sucks (720p and NVENC encoder sucks, it's all I have at present though)

    Youtube video

    So, If you have time to go through it (~20min), I would like some opinions. I do not want to make cheater report without definite proof. And video from a server with so few people did not offer much encounters.

    Suspicious places in my mind:

    • 6:06 - not sure if the tried to hit one particular player before it was being spotted or just fired at this general direction.
    • 10:33 - tried to shoot (shot and got hitmarkers in return) enemy through the visually blocking door frame.
    • 11:22 - watch through to 12:29. Aim is jumpy throughout. Last victim (12:29) did not even appear on minimap and his teammate killed the one that did (12:15), still he continued to head that way and found the guy quietly crouching there.

    I'd like to chime in. There exists one pretty good site for checking up BF3 players, since they can't be spectated directly.

    Percentage is something I ignore, it does not count possible wallhack and not using a bot etc. Good player could have it like 3-5% and properly tuned hack could give you impression of being really good as well. Still very good for getting better overlook of player stats.


    yes, but the problem is, that to much people will left the server. In the beginning i use 24 Slots. But Server is only running with 32 Slot :(

    Here is a new features for the VIP's:

    You can check it ingame. I will add this in the next 3 days on all servers. I have to test some features.

    I was afraid that would be case. Plenty of empty 16p BF3 TDM servers, compared to bigger ones.

    Ok, seems neat. ty.

    Understood. I was not aware of it. I'd put my PC back together in the beginning of this month and hadn't had chance to play over a year nor had read the forums meanwhile. And while doing some back-reading I skipped checking lots of thread titles originally in German, auto-translating browsers fail often in such mixed environment.

    If you downsized Noshahr-only BF3 server to 16-24 slots, I'd be willing to cover it. At the moment I can really play there only when it's half empty, too much randomness (death becomes too random, mixed spawns with enemies etc) when it's full or near full. There are again people who like bigger server and more action, dunno how it would affect the server's popularity though.

    I do not think there is much point for making donations, unless you just want to give them money.

    No response, no acknowledgment, no in-game effect.

    Just fair warning for everyone.

    Hello. Bought Basic VIP for 1 month, just to get over the insanely annoying autobalancer. When I have squad of 2-3 certain people (kwator mostly plus couple of others) I often got thrown to other side. Since the niche we like to play (transport helo) takes at minimum 2 and works better with 3 or more, it's a total game breaker. I started to leave as soon as autobalancer interfered.

    So, I bought basic VIP (Feb 3rd) but initially wrote only PB#1 in Paypal transaction Notes, then noticed I had forgotten that I could ask for VIP slots in 2 servers. Please add me into VIP slot for PB#3 (Battlefield Hardline) as well.

    I wrote PM to Antitoxis 3 days later asking the same, but so far PM has gone unread and I've had to simply leave the server as soon as autobalancer started fucking things up for me.

    If you lack hardware space then try streaming to twitch. It can be set to automatically save your sessions (subsection "Videos").

    The very blatant bots can be seen from BF3 killcams. Yesterday saw one (not in one of PB BF3 server) and he was just spinning doing 360 degree turns while standing on top some hill, shooting sniper rifle and killing with each shot all-over the map (Kharg)..

    I utterly dislike Wurm and Elite Wurm but this guy is not cheating. Just good. Have had clashes with him and also teamed up with him few times. He is one with good experience and one you can loosely team up with. Also he does not slow you down.

    Consider the fact that player gets input not only from screen but also from (often 7.1 directional) sounds and experience. This affects what player does often without visible reason.

    I noticed another metaban handed out to obvious non-cheater (Big-M267). Played in team with the guy for more than month teaming up since his clan starte playing BF1. Often he did worse than I did and was just nice guy. has "reputation" figure for each and every player. Majority have it at0. Some have positive numbers but it looks like most players with past misdeeds have reputation numbers in negative. Be it hacking, chat spamming or insulting an admin.

    Would it be possible to build voting system up in a way that players with negative reputation CANNOT initiate kick/banvote?

    It would probably reduce votes started with malicious intent quite a lot.

    Or some player may even start vote against random other player in order to block out possible vote being started against him.

    If you dislike new Origin client and liked old one more, you can easily get it "back".

    Close Origin (as of Exit), then go into Origin's installation folder using some file manager or other, select Origin.exe, right mouseclick Properties and apply Windows Vista SP2 compatibility mode on it. Then, after starting Origin again, it announces that it has an update. Let it update itself, close it and restart it.

    Voila, now you got the old client back. Besides little nagging (one time happenstance) about old operating system, it works fine.

    Stumbled upon it accidentally and thought I'd share.

    Most of them know how to switch between keyboard layouts by using shortcuts. At least guys who speak any English at all. Takes less than sec. Some abide by the rules (Fish-ka98) and only use English outside Squad chat but they are like 1%. 99% share their emotions and "fags/bitches/fucks" that follow those with everyone else in the server over public chat. Even when telling them in Russian to use English or German in public chat, because they are not in a Russian server, all you'd get back is bunch of insults or be ignored.

    Would it be possible to introduce force-mute or blanket-kick when anything in cyrillic has been typed? Like inserting single cyrillic characters into chat filter.