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    Also, something is really wrong with autobalancer. Had brief game earlier today

    One round I played even at odds of 2v9 at one point. No kidding. Bit later autobalancer shuffled people around but weaker side never had anything close to numerical parity in active players, it had persistently 2-3 players less, and of them half or more AFK - while stronger team had all, except one original seeder active and playing.

    I know at least one player went to stronger team by manually switching sides and staying there. By his own words, he was in need ("I am need of hotwire coins").

    I had to quit few rounds later because I had to drive out of town, so I don't know did it improve or did the server die off.

    I have also had problem where I cannot manually switch to weaker side (numerically inferior) because autobalancer won't let me. I used to do it manually because !assist cannot be used during the first 5 minutes of the round. Autobalancer does allow me switch to a numerically superior sides without problems though. It should be vice versa.

    There is only transport helicopter in Hotwire, there is no attack bird whatsoever.

    Having server empty most of the day and all night and only 1/3 to 1/2 full during evenings is the problem. It's no longer a definite success.

    Install the [LF] Bankjob plugin where it kills you for M79/M320/CA/RPG/SMAW for the first warning, kick for 2nd warning, and etc. If you don't get what you want, you can always rent another server and install that plugin.

    That latter I would prefer to avoid, as I already sent money to help PB#3 stay up (30€) It'd be like paying double..

    I am following this conversation.........:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:Revering to SALTWATERDAVE if I am not mistaken

    Not only him though he was the final trigger yesterday. Day or two before this, I had to seed the server twice in order to get it going. Because some dude wanted to pad his stats with the rpg while there was less than 10 people in ther server. He did not give a shit about others or the server itself. So, the server died and it took me 2h of waiting to get it going again. I won't bother seeding it today, I can play conquest instead of hotwire just fine (example from today).

    Zimzanawana No, I am not going to call any names nor point any fingers because it would be dishonest. Most of PB#3 players, except rank noobs who dont know where'd you get a RPG - use these to a higher or lesser degree. As well as breaching charges. Many who do it are actually very adaptable and can play any which way - it's just easier going with the rpgs.

    Problem appears when gameplay for one side becomes flat-out impossible, because players can't drive marked cars for more than 5 seconds before being blown up or even worse, can't even get out of their base at all.

    Why would they want to stay there when the whole experience is extreme opposite of fun?

    Transport heli remains a problem, when it has proficient crew (2 repairmen with "fast repairs") it's damn near unkillable without SMAW - taking 3 or more stingers spamming missiles towards it at the same time (for a Conq player hard to fathom).

    While I played with cachopelo yesterday, we were at one point shooting both at the same marked car using battle rifles (SG510 and HK51). Car died in less than 10 seconds. So, it ain't hard and it would give drivers driving actual sense of having a chance of escaping. Ramming marked cars at full speed using another car seems to damage target cars as well more than it does to the car doing the ramming - it could be another tactics.

    There's a host of possibilities which remain unexplored because it's just so much easier to plant the fucking breaching charges, grab RPG and wait for the car driving past.

    I am sure that rest of the folks who actually paid portion of the PB#3's rental don't necessarily agree with me (with the exception of Hans) but I'd like to propose change in server rules (inspired by LF's Blood Money server) forbidding the use of breaching charges, laser mines and missile/grenade launchers, except hand grenades and Stinger launchers in PB#3. I had hoped that the fact that people paid for it, would decrease the massive camp fest, because it's now in their interest also to have the server populated but seems I was wrong. It's worse than it was before. I've gotten to the point where I simply hunt or try to hunt down people I know camp on the key spots and just ignore the game or tickets itself.

    Forbidding explosives and launchers might help with keeping PB#3 server populated. Keep newer players interested as well, outside the "core group".

    Sad truth is, "old hands", unless evenly divided by skill and amount, rape the ever-living holy hell out of one side or another and ending the round with a 800 ticket difference (out of 1000) and half the players from losing team disconnecting is nowadays rather a rule than a exception. I see declarations of "I never play this fucking shit mode again" already every day. All of it because breaching charges, SMAW's, RPG's and "tubes" (M79/M320) are just too widely used and temptation to get nice killratios is just too fucking great.

    Shoot the enemy out of cars, destroy the cars with gunfire, chase them down, ram them instead.. whatever but not the endless c4/smaw/rpg fest.

    It would also be more interesting.

    //Ranting mode off.

    It could be scarily efficient way for framing innocent players. Especially when malicious individual is connecting from the same country.

    EA official forums policy: cheat allegations are going to be removed. You can report cheaters to EA forums until our Sun becomes white dwarf, it would not change a thing, except for your threads getting relentlessly deleted.

    There is an option for reporting through Battlelog Battle Reports but I haven't noticed it being use for much. After posting a report, along with proof videos.. accounts are still there and active months later.

    Yeah, official servers are good and fine until first cheater makes his entrance.

    Remembering Bad Company 2, it could even get to a point where you have cheaters on both sides and chat is filled with spam, where they accuse each-other in cheating and whole server becomes "cheat-superiority test"..

    I have a suggestion, perhaps bit too late but..

    Maybe it'll be good idea to add a message about 16th appearing in-game for players?

    I think many players playing in the servers are unaware of it because they have never visited the forum in the first place. We have told people time to time in PB#3 that 16th is approaching and quite a few of the people replying to chat have told they were unaware.

    PB#2 is fine where it is with 64 slots because some people do not want to play conquest and run around capturing flags. In TDM, there is no objective or people telling you to "PTFO". The spawn system is fine and has always been in TDM. As soon as you spawn, you have to start running.

    The same thing can happen in Conquest. You are capturing the flag and the enemy spawns on the flag then you see them standing there = free kill unless they kill you first with their 1 second of spawn protection (god mode). Spawning on a squad member in a fire fight = instant death most of the time.

    I haven't found in myself sufficiently masohistic tendencies I guess. Dust Bowl is even spacious, Bank job and Downtown are okay but Block is complete bs in that regard in my book - playable up to 30 players or so, then it becomes random (spawn)campfest.

    I think that #PB1 and #PB2 need to store 64 slots. These are the most popular servers

    PB#2 would be actually better off being 36 or 46 slot server tops. Maps aren't that big to start with and especially in Block spawning in front of enemies, or enemies spawning behind you in seconds - becomes rather tiresome. Results of the game become influenced by not that much about how bad or good you are but how many people are in the server - random death factor becomes significant.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Noticed him first yesterday when he appeared to be invisible, except for a weapon - both ingame and in killcam. Asked cachopelo to spectate him, since he was spectating anyway but guy left quite immediately.

    Today noticed the guy again.

    I initially noted down whole bunch of single episodes but then decided to bring out just few, which should be enough.

    00:03:10 - 00:03:23

    00:04:35 - 00:05:07 - probably most blatantly visible show of an aimbot "at work"

    00:07:38 - 00:07:45

    video itself:

    Forgot to turn the overlays off..sorry about that.

    If you want to reduce the effect of "spray and pray" you would have to actually raise the player's health. Raise it twice as high and only people with good aim are able to get kills. Tested ages a go in another shooter.

    It's very reason poorer players tend to prefer hardcore modes in BF3/BF4. They find it much easier to get kills even when their concept of aim equals only spraying towards general direction of enemy.

    can i get unban for this im really sorry for this i deleted my embelem

    Be glad you weren't reported to EA direct. They have banned whole accounts (means all games you have on it as well) over nazi symbol on player's profile. It's a utterly stupid thing to do, even when you don't care a bit about nazis. Are Finn (reverse-swastika was used by Finnish military) or Indian (ancient cultural symbol) and just put it on profile.

    FAL, HCAR, HK51, OSW and SCAR are not assault rifles but battle rifles. IRL such weapons are opposite of assault rifles, take'em as "defense rifles". Repeating rifles using full rifle rounds (assault rifles use intermediate rounds) best for mostly defending positions without shooter having to lug around hundreds of rounds of much heavier rifle ammo. HK G3 for example has IRL 100 round drum magazines available to it (standard is a 20 round box mags).

    HK51 ingame is G3's custom "cut-down" version.

    Same logic applies to all Enforcer weapons. Heavier damage per shot but reduced firing rate and lower mag capacity. These are ambush weapons. Or "hunter-killer" weapons, provided you are accurate enough and are not trying to attack more than 1-2 enemies at a time.

    Facing off equally-skilled Operator with an Enforcer - when you failed to kill him instantly and have to reload, you are likely fucked. No med pack, against faster weapon.

    Even with modes that have helicopters (at least in Hotwire, not sure if Derailed conq has rogue helo), it's usually fairly difficult (needs co-operation of a pilot and gunner) to get them off that crane and to make it stick, you'd have to kill them all like half a dozen times before they would give up going there.

    I imagine it's ultimate camping spot for TDM, hard as hell to kill them from the ground.

    Each server has its own IP, could be accessed via different routes and so on. Speedtest is not a sufficient meter for evaluation of quality.

    Post the results of the traceroute. It should show exactly where the holdup (s) happen. Traceroute command shows delays between nodes.

    Oh, btw. In case your ISP or owner of the network you connect from, does some heavy-duty traffic filtering, it could cause all sorts of unfunny delays, because processing packets takes some time. Simple traffic bandwith test by Speedtest, which uses TCP/IP and common web port could simply be ignored by traffic filters.. but UDP traffic on non-standard ports (which games tend to use) could be filtered and delayed.

    If turns out your traceroute shows nothing, we can also specify it to use UDP protocol. Just complaining does not solve your problem. You have to participate.

    /PS. I hope to hell you understand my English or browser translates it to sufficiently understandable German.