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    Thank you so much Dirk!!! I apologize for his language and once again promise that we will make every effort that would be members of our platoon did not violate the rules and watch his language.

    Hi guys!

    Andjey_7777 really don't known about that. We respect the rules and appreciate your contribution to support the servers. We're also trying to help you in this by revealing cheaters and other unfair players. I understand that some players do not like our platoon,but he just didn't know this rule, he recently joined our platoon and it's not his fault that most of our platoon members have good skills and we have excellent pilots. No one warned him and immediately issued a permanent (!) ban. We explained him the rules and once again made an announcement in our platoon about it. Now Andjey_7777 knows the rule and promises never to break it.

    We very much ask for understanding for this situation and unban him. We will make efforts to ensure that none of our members of the platoon don't violates the rules.

    With hope for understanding, thankful in advance for the answer!

    Hi guys!

    I am asking for help from myself and other players to calm MyXa_Vzhik. He constantly spam in chat, swears and insults other players, on requests to stop it don't respond and continues to insult even more. This goes on for too long. Unfortunately, he writes in Russian, so to see chatlog impossible. Please help to calm him! Maybe few days on temp ban can help...

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    BigDukeSix wrote: "we are not having 24/7 support! you could help reporting cheaters like others do."

    I tried to spec the PB5 and ... "Whitelist required to spectate this" :-(

    PugentRUS always insult players and swearing!!! (mostly in Russian language). His has repeatedly warned and sent the report about it. Please write him a temporary ban for a month.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. Maybe create a general thread for these messages?

    Really have some problems with Metabans. Disappeared bans in all players who been banned by antitoxis. Something is wrong with the antitoxis account on Metabans?

    I don't see in this video anything suspicious. He played 912 hours in BF3 with k/d 2.16 and 1678 hours in BF4 with k/d 2.72. In BF4 I don't see spike on K/d graph (what usually happens when a player starts to use cheats). I think needs more video.

    Hi friends!
    I completely agree. There is no video proof, where is the proof of using cheats? Only battle reports? This is not proof! Player must be checked, to perform all of his statistics, mb view information about he on But the main evidence is of course video. When I suspect cheating I exit the game and go to spectator mode and watch the player. I don't see anything suspicious in fyfanvastek. I very often fly with professional pilots and sometimes k/d can be even ~100/1-10, it means that I'm a cheater? I know professional snipers which k/d ~100/1-10, but that does not mean that they are cheaters. And most importantly, don't need without proof to issue bans on Because many other servers use metabans plug-ins and he won't be able to play not only on your servers but on many others servers. My personal opinion - after receiving a complaint, the player should be checked, perhaps temporarily banned only on your servers. And only after obtaining proof must be banned on
    But this is only my personal opinion :) As always thanks for the server!

    Similar situation with pawel222444. Yes, I too hate the campers, but why issue bans for it on! I would not see that Unix warned Pawel or !reporting about that on chat.

    Guys, people bought this game, paid money and now can't normally play... don't do that...