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    admins this is the one.

    I guess your video concludes negotiations Cacho :D

    Just for your knowledge, I havent forgotten you and this topic. We just have a internal discussion wheter this is enough for a ban or not and I wait for some more opinions. This might take some time. Any new video would be welcomed.

    Was playing against him in downtown. He killed me like 10 times. He was expecting me everytime. I typed in chat "fukin wallhacker". after that I killed him many times. FYI.

    Please have a look at PB4 NOW and see the base rape, all good players in one team, including two admins (blgdukesix, and dark_troll) highcko, matevipm, and my_name_ is_booya, the round ended with 900+ difference in tickets and nobody assisted.

    Please stop banned the wrong ppl, missouri is not even a good pilot to ban him for base rape. And even worse, he doesn't play regularly on your servers.

    This totally none-sense.

    Why ban missouri, while letting Twitch baseraping? the both play rarely on the server! fa-str-01 , I know pb1 more than you do. I play almost everyday on it. I and my team were baseraped many times from cachopelo and his friends many times, he never assisted nor I never quit the game. in fact the opposite happens, while my team is overpowering the other team I always assist the loosers.

    You can't ban him because the server is bugged, obviously the balance or autobalancer was fucked up in this round(look at the number of players in each team.

    All I see is you are blackmailing missouri to pay more money by banning him.

    @cacho, why didn't you assist along with your friends to keep up the balance instead of participating in the base rape?

    He camps in the Suv, yes. But he captures objectives all the time and is positively playing, and OH, I kill him all the time with my SMAW :D

    You have your teams suv and you can c4 him or kill him with any other method. Just stop blaming him for being good in what he does. He is always in the top of chart when he is playing, that means he isn't literally camping like some players (emfase) for example.

    Hi Anti/Dirk,

    I'm posting here after contacting you two times via pm without reply from your side. I wan't my money back or VIP back. It's says when I join that I have vip but I don't. I can't move myself to the other team and this is the basic command of vip !moveme. without that command VIP is useless for me.

    Good morning everyone,

    Recently some whiners and cheaters started a campaign against our platoon R4YL admins, and to be particular that was more towards me. FYI. I quit all the admin work, and I won't ban/kick anybody. That started like a week ago, and there is no going back for me, simply because I didn't find it amusing to take blame for things I haven't done.

    Lets me give you a headsup about the story:

    It started when BigDukeSix told me that Antitoxis want some help with the servers cost because it's getting too much for him (He mainly pays for the whole thing). So he proposed that we (RY4L) and him (BigDukeSix) will pay the server cost for PB1 for a complete year, and in return he will give us a few admin/vip slots. We said ok, we want to help to keep BFH alive,and because you want to continue our fun playing on PB server.

    We didn't ask to be admins, we were offered to be.

    Most of you know me and know what I do, you can look here to see how many cheaters I have caught and recorded:

    Before being admin and after, and I still have some cheaters videos on my disk ( lazy to upload)

    I have never insulted anyone, and will not. I enjoy having fun playing with you and kicking your asses and get my ass kicked also :).

    For those cheaters and whiners: you may have won this battle but not the war.^^

    The subject of this topic is wrong.

    Why I rage ban you if you sniped me out of the HELO? you are not the only one who snipe a chopper pilot and you will not be the last. Actually I got used to be sniped by pro snipers, or even lucky noob snipers.

    I played against you and you sniped me several times (one shot kill, without headshot). M98B has max damage of 90% at the range more than 15 meters. so it will take you two pullets to snipe somebody out more than that range. It's math not rage. and when that happens often you must be modifying your bullet damage. and thanks to the stats page that prove you are not just doing it for M98B, but for you secondary gun too. I don't know you and I don't want to, to rage ban you.

    It's simply that I catch cheaters like yourself. and as I said b4 you play like super hero when there are no spectators online and like shit when there is one. don't you find that suspicious?

    I just want to thanks for some good times on the servers

    But after there some new admins online i dont like to play on the servers anymore

    And i realy dont care if you ban me from the website that only proff my point that some admins can do what they like without any qustion, Antoixs do a great job with some off the other admins but a late there were some qustionble things that would never happen before

    So thx for the time on the servers PB and LF :)

    May I ask what did the new admins do wrong to you? maybe catching a lot of cheaters?

    How do you unban him without even consulting me? what a stupid decision!!!

    That cheater killed me 4 times in the chopper with one hit kill from a very long distance (no headshot) maybe he increases the bullet damage?

    I decided to not doing admin work again but after that one.

    Antitoxis I hope you do good with LF guys, I really wish you best of luck especially when they have a cheater among them:

    And here is a very obvious esp for xAntimate:…caf28/xantimate?from=user

    You do realise JOHNYSUSHENKA77 isn't a admin nor has he put any money into the PB1.

    We do move ppl around to make up for the blance. Like for ex right now i'm in-game & on the losing side.

    You can see how many JOHNYSUSHENKA77 typed assist in the chat to keep the balance.

    I really can't take anymore of that. we choose to loose most of the rounds just to keep the balance, because we assist the loosing team, and here we go.

    People whining about our platoon and claiming false accusations. And look who started the topic xAntimate, the guy who can't play with a spectator online. How many excuses did you make to quit the game after i join to spectate you? once, "I have to go to work", another one "I hate this map", another "I'm hungry", and that only happens if I spectate you and you quit in the middle of the round. If you didn't quit your K/D is negative always.

    No more assist for me, I will always play in the winning team.

    I think you either confuse me with somebody else or thought it up.…%3A59%3A59%2B02%3A00&pid=

    Offhand, I can't even remember when was the last time I used word "scumbag", when I insult someone I tend to use different words. Usually replying to Russian insults in Russian or something like that.

    Yes indeed it was McnealUSA. sorry I remembered the name now.

    if its really the R4YL guys PB and LF have a much bigger problem then some admins doing unfair player shifting...i have a bad feeling that there is some kind of pattern...first that rage ban and now this???

    i'm not accusing anyone, but by reading some of the last actions documented in the forum u gad a bad taste about the R$YL guys

    If you don't like that pattern just leave, go somewhere else to play, or go to the court.

    Perhaps you should have mentioned that part of chat which you insulted SeriousMass and called him Scumbag cheater?

    He was kind not to ban you for that, but I think he must reconsider that now. I was with him on teamspeak playing and he said just let him be, I will just no reply.

    I'm not saying that you should change pb1. You can add those maps to another one. Best choice to add them to PB2. They are small maps and can do good on team death match.