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    Ok guys, I am playing intensively on your servers and I have need and also a wish to donate for VIP, for at least 3 months, but tell me where to donate - where are donating links?
    Hmmm I am trying to find them but I have difficulties finding them.

    Can anyone help me?

    Hello people and community of PB.
    First, since I fixed my no ping problem I have started intensively to play on your PB servers - your servers are the best in the BFH world. But I am dreaming about something - is it possible to make PB4 with all DLCs and all maps?

    Really I would like to see this because I think your server is the only server online which is running DLC conquest maps (currently only 3). And also I still remember when I bought firstly the game then I used to play at few servers with DLC maps - which are great btw. (but I still dream about blackwoods, black friday, code blue, thin ice, diversion, the beat - which are damn fantastic maps).

    Also I feel that you're only which is currently holding BF Hardline EU (and widespread) PC community alive.
    And please if possible, can you answer in the case if you can't do that and why?

    Cheers and thanks for any replies in advance.

    Can somebody please from admins enable protection for me again that I can play on your DLC PB4 Hardline server again? I was not active so quite long - but again admins today have kicked me on PB4 server again because of no ping.

    Thanks in advance.

    I am 30 years old IT pro from east Croatia.
    I am huge I mean epic fan of BF series since BF 1942. And also I am huge fan of Quake series (majority of time I play QL also). I am not epic skillful player in BF, I play it mostly for fun, not so competitive.
    I know english and basic german (I have learned 12 years german language in my primary/middle schools).


    Hello admin staff.
    First I apologize if I have created this topic in completely wrong section of forums. I am 30 years old IT professional from east Croatia.
    I would really like to play on your servers but I have problem, because admins kick me randomly because of "no ping". This is not my fault at all, it's fault of my ISP (internet service provider) which blocks any of ICMP (over TCP) messages. Yes I can play BF hardline but it's just annoying when admins kick me in middle of the game because of no ping. I ping on other games usually DE servers around 35-45 (I am from Croatia), yes ALL other games show my ping status, EXCEPT battlefield 3/4 and BF hardline. I have very stable VDSL 50/10mbits connection (I don't use wifi at all and stuff).
    I would REALLY like to play on your BF hardline servers, can you give me access that I can play normally on your servers even if I don't have my ping shown?
    Yes I can't fix the problem, my ISP won't turn off firewall on my connection, sorry I have contacted them and they're following their rule - I tried even do port forwarding, simply it doesn't work anything - I can't fix this problem, it's my ISP.

    Thanks for any replies in advance.